The Power of Archaeology is a new campaign to engage more politicians with archaeology.  Facilitated by the Council for British Archaeology and supported by BAJR, to show MPs that archaeology is all around us – whether above ground or buried, well known or newly discovered through planning processes and research, or as yet still unknown.

What is exciting about this campaign is the positive nature of what you can do.

As part of the ongoing Power of Archaeology campaign, they have produced pledge cards for our supporters to use and distribute. The cards are designed to be filled in by you with a personal message relating to why you care about archaeology and heritage, and then invite your MP/Councillor to respond to ‘sign the pledge‘.   To obtain your cards, email

Filling in the card is an easy way to share a personalised message to your government or council  representative. It can be about anything relevant you want to add, but the CBA have included some tips and more information here:

Anyone can fill these cards in: Professionals who work in heritage or archaeology, local group members, or interested individuals. You can mention a specific site or simply express a general care for the past – all that matters is that you show them people care.

The Local Heritage Coordinators Rob Lennox and Lorna Richardson are encouraging people to go out and take a selfie or just a picture of the card, possibly at a local archaeological site, and then tweet it/share it/ as well as tagging the recipient MP to get some social media buzz too!

Positive and fun!   with a real purpose to get archaeology into the political vision.

Do you have any advocacy or event news to share? Email them if you’d like your work featured in the LHEN e-bulletin at

Show your support for Archaeology: Council for British Archaeology