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Thursday, June 20, 2024
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Oxford Archaeology Knowledge Hub launched

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Oxford Archaeology launches a new platform that will make it easier for people to access the archaeological information the organisation has produced over 50 years of work.

The Knowledge Hub is aimed at anyone with an interest in archaeology and local history, from professionals in the sector to enthusiasts, from pupils looking for material for their school projects to students and academic researchers. It brings together the OA Library, with improved search capabilities, Themes curated by experts that collate all relevant materials around specific topics, and Stories about some of the most exciting projects undertaken by the organisation. The platform will be expanded over time with additional tools to make it easy and fun for people to explore the past. New content will be added regularly, reflecting Oxford Archaeology’s work and new research.

Introducing the Knowledge Hub, Ken Welsh, Oxford Archaeology’s chief executive, commented “Over its 50 years, Oxford Archaeology has produced an extraordinary range of knowledge about the past which we want to share with everyone, from school children to academics, colleagues and archaeology enthusiasts. The Knowledge Hub will help us to do this and we are excited to look at new ways and tools to share our work with the public. So many colleagues have played a part in setting the Hub up, and I would like to thank all of them for their efforts in making it a reality”.


The key elements focus on publication, technical reports for clients (via the OA Library), providing access to our digital archives, summaries of research projects, community engagement and a virtual museum. These include Storymaps which give interactive information about selected projects.

Access the Knowledge hub here:
Explore the Hub (

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