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Waterloo Uncovered Impact Report 2022

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BAJR has always been happy to support this and other similar ventures and was lucky enough to have visited Waterloo as well during the project.

So how was 2022?

The Waterloo Uncovered 2022 Impact Report is now available to read! Find out how they delivered seven programmes of life-changing education and wellbeing support to over 100 veterans and serving personnel, including a headline-making return to the Waterloo battlefield featuring the most dramatic discovery yet.

After the success of the2019 excavation, which saw the Charity take the largest team yet to Belgium and make headlines across the world with the discovery of amputated human limbs at the Mont-Saint-Jean field hospital, they unfortunately were forced to take an almost three year break from excavating the Battlefield due to the Covid pandemic.


In 2022, they finally returned to the Battlefield with a new group of international veterans and serving military personnel, where they made some of our most exciting and poignant discoveries to date.  (The second Skeleton to be found on the battlefield)  But as you will learn, they did so much more.

In 2023, they will return to the Waterloo battlefield with a team of international veterans, in addition to running aFinds Programme, Follow On Programme, and Battlefields Uncovered course. Find out more about our programmes here.

Waterloo-Uncovered-2022-Impact-Report.pdf (

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