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Thursday, June 20, 2024
HomeNewsMetalwork Wear Analysis: An Online Masterclass

Metalwork Wear Analysis: An Online Masterclass

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Upcoming online course ‘Metalwork Wear Analysis: An Online Masterclass’ 

This two-day online masterclass introduces the principles and methods of Metalwork Wear Analysis (MWA) to beginners and consists of a blend of lectures and practical object observation sessions hosted from Newcastle University’s Wolfson Archaeology Laboratory.

MWA enables the recognition, evaluation, and interpretation of the traces visible on prehistoric and historic copper-alloy objects using a range of optical and electronic microscopes. The method gives insights into the life cycle of objects including their manufacture, uses, repairs, and post-depositional history, including conservation.

It is led by Professor Andrea Dolfini (Newcastle University, UK), a world leader in the microscopic and experimental analysis of prehistoric copper-alloy objects. He will be assisted by Dr Martin Odler, a renowned specialist in ancient Egyptian metalwork.

The masterclass will be of interest to students, researchers, museum keepers, and conservators working with ancient and historic copper-alloy artefacts from any period of human (pre)history and region of the world.

No previous subject knowledge or experience is required.

 What will I learn?

Day 1

  • Metalwork Wear Analysis: History, goals and methods
  • Kit, protocol, and practicalities
  • The usewear analysis of copper-alloy axeheads
  • Usewear analysis practice (axeheads)

Day 2

  • Taking microphotographs and dental casts
  • The usewear analysis of swords and other bladed implements
  • Usewear analysis practice (swords)
  • Usewear analysis practice (spearheads)

For more information or to register for the course, please see the attached leaflet or visit: Course Detail · CPD Portal (

Date: 27th and 28th June 2024
Time: 10:00 – 14:30 BST
Cost: £100

LEAFLET: NU_Wolfson Lab Leaflet (pdf)

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