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Oxford Uni short courses and workshops in the historic environment

Short practical courses from one to three days

Expert tuition for members of the public with a keen interest in archaeology and historic buildings, and for professionals whose work involves fieldwork, planning, management, curation and research.


  • Have been developed with leading heritage practices
  • Provide training in key archaeological skills firmly grounded in everyday professional working experience.
  • Engage with some of the most complex issues in the sector.
  • Are linked to the National Occupational Standards for the sector and are widely accepted as providing appropriate continuous professional development.

The new programme for 2016-17 and to apply

Assessing Archaeological Significance
Tue 07 Feb 2017
The concept of significance is now at the core of planning decisions affecting heritage assets, but the significance of archaeological remains can be particularly diffiult to assess, since the extent and nature of these is often only partially understood

Law and the Historic Environment
Fri 17 Feb 2017
Anybody conducting or planning investigations of the historic environment will be confronted by a wide range of issues that may have legal consequences.

Archaeological Desk-Based Assessments
Thu 23 Feb 2017
Desk-based assessments are important tools for understanding the historic environment and for managing change.

Starting in Post-Excavation
Tue 28 Feb 2017
This course aims to provide those new to post-excavation with a good basic working knowledge of the process, increase their confidence in their own role within it and their ability to engage effectively with other contributors and specialist inputs.

Public Inquiry Workshop
Wed 08 Mar 2017 to 10 Mar 2017
2.00pm Weds – 2.00pm Friday
This course introduces potential witnesses and advocates to the techniques and procedures of Public Inquiries dealing with the historic environment, including preparing proofs of evidence. A mock Inquiry will be staged.

Short Course in Radiocarbon Dating and Bayesian Chronological Analysis
Short courses
Mon 20 Mar 2017 to 22 Mar 2017
9.00am Monday – 5.00pm Wednesday
Hosted by NERC Radiocarbon Facility and Oxford NERC Doctoral Training Partnership This course is aimed at researchers using radiocarbon and other techniques, including Quaternary geologists, palaeobiologists, archaeologists and marine geoscientists.

The Setting of Heritage Assets and Places
Wed 05 Apr 2017 to 06 Apr 2017
9.00am Weds – 4.15pm Thurs
The setting of buildings, monuments and historic areas is fundamental to how people appreciate their cultural value and signifiance. But it is a complex and contentious issue for decision-makers.

An Introduction to GIS for Archaeologists
Tue 11 Apr 2017
In recent years, GIS has fundamentally transformed the way spatial data is collated, analyzed and interpreted.

Condition Surveys of Historic Buildings
Mon 08 May 2017 to 10 May 2017
Condition surveys of historic buildings require an understanding of architectural and construction history, as well as the ability to analyse and prioritise defects.

Artefacts and Ecofacts in and out of the Field
Mon 15 May 2017 to 16 May 2017
This course will help you to improve your understanding of why these categories of material are generally collected on archaeological sites, how they are analysed and reported, and how they contribute to interpretation.

Stratigraphic Analysis in Archaeology
Thu 18 May 2017
This course is designed to develop your skills in post-excavation stratigraphic analysis. Starting with a review of first principles, we will look at how sites form through a combination of natural processes and human interventions.

Project Management in Archaeology: An Introduction
Wed 24 May 2017
Project management has become a core function for those working at senior levels within the historic environment sector, but many historic environment professionals still progress into management roles with little or no formal management training.

Photographing Historic Buildings
Wed 07 Jun 2017
Digital cameras have greatly changed the way we record our architectural history, simplifying the process and reducing the cost of image capture thereby encouraging a scatter-gun method of photography.

Understanding Place: Historic Area Assessment
Tue 20 Jun 2017 to 21 Jun 2017
This course will introduce the principles & methods of area assessments, allow participants to explore the approach through a practical exercise & illustrate ways in which it can lead to appropriate strategies for management, conservation & protection.

Archaeological Writing for Publication
Mon 26 Jun 2017
Writing a good and publishable report is a key skill for archaeologists, but one that can be particularly challenging and hard to learn.

Heritage Values and the Assessment of Significance
Short courses
Wed 05 Jul 2017 to 07 Jul 2017
Significance is now a core concept within our planning process. Its assessment is a key part of management and of development within the historic environment.

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