Over the last couple of weeks Wessex Archaeology has been working with Operation Nightingale and Breaking Ground Heritage running an excavation close to East Chisenbury uncovering Late Bronze and early Iron Age archaeology, with a little bit of Roman thrown in. The site includes a large Late Bronze Age/Early Iron Age midden, enclosure ditches and a possible roundhouse.

The archaeological purpose of the excavation has been to develop greater understanding of the site and recover midden material excavated by badgers (Ed:  Not me I hasten to add!) . The excavation though has been about more than just the archaeology, it has been about utilising the technical and social aspects of field archaeology to aid the recovery and skill development of service personnel and veterans who have been injured in conflict. A number of service personnel, veterans and volunteers took part in the excavation and processing of the finds on site. To develop greater contextual understanding of the site specialists came and taught ancient skills to those participating in the excavation such as blacksmithing, Iron Age cookery as well as pottery making techniques used in the Bronze Age and Iron Age; the activities were great fun as well informative.
Working with Operation Nightingale and Breaking Ground Heritage has been a great pleasure and Wessex Archaeology thank everyone who has been involved over the past few weeks.


Source: Wessex Archaeology