In 2016, following earlier English Heritage investigations, additional excavation and a geophysical survey were undertaken at this remarkable Late Bronze Age/Early Iron Age midden site by Wessex Archaeology working with Operation Nightingale and Breaking Ground Heritage, supported by Defence Infrastructure Organisation and Landmarc.

Chisenbury Midden Report
Chisenbury Midden Report

A substantial ditch and bank which enclosed the midden were confirmed – a proto hillfort? – along with clear evidence for contemporary settlement represented by a complex of postholes associated with timber structures.

Large numbers of finds were recovered including pottery, animal bone, some disarticulated human bone, spinning/weaving equipment and a possibly unique copper alloy ‘pendant’. (click here for the 3D model).

It comes from the base of the Late Bronze Age/Early Iron Age midden at East Chisenbury within the MOD Salisbury Plain Training Area.

This object is made of copper alloy and weighs just 3 grams. The loop indicates it was possibly worn as a pendant. Its date is currently unknown making it a unique find.

The report made available here presents the results of the two-week excavation, with further investigation proposed this year, specifically to open a larger area and identify roundhouses and other structures amongst the plethora of postholes recorded in a narrow trench in 2016.

Source: Wessex Archaeology