Orkney College UHI, Historic Scotland and Nautical Archaeology Society are running a series of courses this year:

NAS Part III GIS in Maritime Archaeology: This two-day introductory course on the 11th-12th July2015 will provide an overview of features in QGIS – a freely available GIS software package commonly used by people working with large spatial datasets. Cost £70


NAS Part III: Side Scan Sonar Surveys: This two-day course on the 15th-16th August will focus on the use of smaller side scan sonar in archaeological surveys. Students will gain practical experience designing and completing different types of side scan sonar surveys. Cost £195

Participants can take Part III Courses without having completed the Introduction and Part I Course.

For further information contact Annalisa Christie on +44 (0)1856 5 69223 or e-mail: studyarchaeology@uhi.ac.uk.