UPDATE:   12th November 2014

Gill exceed the target and is now able to complete her study.

Thanks to All of You who donated !


Gill is a mature, disabled undergraduate student studying part-time at the University of Sheffield, and has sadly lost all her Student Finance England funding for her degree course.

Can you help her fund her final year (2014/2015)?

Help fund Gill MacLaine’s dream.



When Gill started her Degree course in 2008 she received full funding for tuition fees (£820 per academic year) plus additional funds to cover course costs., she was also awarded Disabled Student Allowance but other than the option to reclaim photocopying/printing and core book expenses  received no financial assistance.

Successfully completing Levels 1 & 2 of the three level/six year Degree Gill had to take the 2012/2013 academic year out for health reasons but returned to university in September 2013 for her fifth year.  Then she was informed by Student Finance England she was no longer eligible for funding –  The Student Advice Centre at the University of Sheffield challenged the ruling but was unsuccessful.

The University very kindly waived my £820 tuition fee for 2013/2014 but stated that she would need to secure funding myself for my final year (2014/2015).

During this final year Gill will be writing her dissertation based on experiences as one of a team of Heeley Heritage Volunteers at a community excavation in Sheffield in 2011.

You can read one day of her experience here: http://www.dayofarchaeology.com/heeley-city-farm-community-dig-sheffield-south-yorkshire/

Despite her restricted financial situation and medical conditions Gill is determined to undertake as much research as possible.

Lets see if we can ensure she gets to complete the course she started back in 2008.   Anything else would be a waste

Help fund Gill MacLaine’s dream.