Today, the Society’s Archive contains thousands of images of these pioneering investigations and thousands more documents relating to the personalities of these early years of archaeology. The Archive continues to provide for ground-breaking research and developments in the field of Egyptology and will provide shortly be undergoing an extensive re-cataloging project to increase accessibility online.

This exhibition of material from the EES Lucy Gura Archive aims to exemplify this unique collection of material through the context of ancient Egyptian history.

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The Egypt Exploration Society is pleased to be offering online e-learning courses from 2014, and to use them could not be simpler! All courses will be uploaded to and can be accessed from any computer connected to the internet. Simply open the website and find the course you have enrolled on across the top menu.

Some courses may also be run in conjunction with a physical evening class held at the EES London Office. Therefore material will be made available throughout the duration of that course (usually between six and ten weeks). All the digitized material used in physical classes will also be made available via the online platform including presentations, reading lists, articles and archive material.

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To enroll for an online EES course please visit the events website where you will find a full list of available events and classes. Please ensure that the course is labelled as ‘Online’ before enrolling – not all of our courses are also available online. Once you have enrolled on the course you will receive an email providing you with the email contact for your tutor.