From a small start in 2012 when we ran a pilot scheme, (pictured above) the Heritage Craft Alliance Ltd  have places for 36 students from September 2015, with more places being offered each month.

This is the only access point for younger people to enter the heritage construction sector as an advanced craft learner.  They are now delivering all masonry and all wood subjects at advanced level. Our students are mostly drawn from a contemporary craft qualification as an entry point.

A level 2 qualification, or good solid experience in construction, is usually sufficient to engage them in the advanced programme. It is their hope that this programme will produce good traditional builders, who will start to fill the void left by our retiring skilled workforce.

As a result of this boost to numbers, more skilled craft tutors to support the programmes both in North Yorkshire and in Cornwall from this September.

I am hoping to recruit from the current, skilled workforce for both carpentry and masonry and give some older craftspeople an opportunity to continue, or indeed commence their careers as teachers of the craft.  (If interested get in touch –

Recent experience is that the specialist contractors in the sector, are now seeing that in order to sustain the skills in their businesses, it is crucial to invest in training young people.

Happily the new heritage skills apprenticeship is modelled exactly to fit this requirement.

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