Responding to the request by CIfA members at the previous Annual General Meeting on Friday 27 October 2017 at the University of Reading (AGM minutes are available in the members section of the website.)   CIfA have produced a short Survey  regarding the type of voting the members would like to see.

The survey will be the first step towards achieving an approved voting system, that is supported by the majority of members, for future meetings.  The short survey will help to guide the Advisory Council and Board of Directors in their work to design a suitable new process and enact any constitutional amendments required to implement the preferred option.

Regarding the subject of a Chartered Archaeologist, some of you will be aware that CIfA have already held initial discussions with SIGs via Groups’ Forum last month, and will continue discussions on these proposals at Advisory Council on 15 February. There will be more discussions of the proposed model in the next issue of The Archaeologist (TA), where the proposals are examined alongside examples of chartership models from other sectors. There is a commitment to further formal consultation, although a date and structure for this has not yet been set.

Open to debate

CIfA staff are grateful to all those who took time to speak up about both these matters last year. Further debate and robust discussion with all members is welcomed and they hope that it is clear that via these actions, that real progress is being made on topics raised by the petition.

To be part of the wider debate, you will have to be part of the professional organisation, meaning you will shape the future of our discipline.  Joining is easy (see BAJR Guide 47)
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