The BANEA 2015 Annual Meeting will take place in London, from January 7-9th, 2015, and is hosted by the London Centre for the Ancient Near EastUniversity College LondonSchool of Oriental and African Studies, and the British Museum. The organising committee for BANEA 2015 can be seen here. General Theme:  The 2015 annual BANEA meeting will have a general theme around “borders and transitions” that will explore the following key themes:

  • Highland and Lowland areas of the Near East and Egypt
  • Adaptations, Transformations, and Continuity
  • Period Transitions
  • Bronze Age Connections
  • Coastal and Harbour Archaeology
  • Archaeology and Conflict

We will accept papers about other current issues concerning archaeology and/or history of the Ancient Near East and Egypt, including recent research and current field projects. We are pleased to receive posters on any of the conference themes or other current research. There will be a prize for top poster, with the winner receiving £200 of book vouchers from Routledge. The extended deadline for papers or posters is November 15th 2014.

Grants for registration for the conference by research students can be found here as well as travel and presentation grants for UK-based students.

Structure:  BANEA 2015 will take place from January 7-9th. There will be a plenary session on the night of January 7th and general sessions will be held from January 8th-9th.  Each contributor will be given 20 minutes to present his/her paper and 5 minutes for questions.

January 7th (7-8 PM) held in Brunei Lecture Theatre in SOAS

Plenary Session: Professor Nicolò Marchetti

Parallel sessions, running from 10 AM  to 5:30 PM, are planned with two coffee breaks (30 minutes) and an hour and a half for lunch. These will be held either at the Institute of Archaeology or Roberts Building on the 8th and 9th.

Current Sessions Planned and Session Organizers

A Neolithic Case-Study from the Eastern Fertile Crescent: The Central Zagros Archaeological Project
(Organizer: Roger Matthews)

Combining Ethnoarchaeology with Scientific Approaches
(Organizer: Emma Jenkins, Carol Palmer, John Grattan)

Frontiers in Anatolia and North Syria in the Late Bronze and Iron Ages
(Organizer: J. David Hawkins)

Integrating modern chronologies and ancient temporalities
(Organizer: Alice Stevenson)

Islamic Archaeology Workshop
(Organizer: Andrew Petersen)

Seasonality and Society in the Early Middle East
(Organizer: David Wengrow and Eleni Asouti)

Late Antique Frontiers of Iran, the Caucasus, Anatolia and Iraq
(Organizers: T.J. Wilkinson, Eberhard Sauer, Dan Lawrence, and Kristen Hopper)

Social networks and craft mobility in the East Mediterranean in the 3rd and 2nd millennia BC
(Organizers: Ian Shaw and Elizabeth Bloxam)

Submission: Submission of a conference paper or poster can be done here. Please contact if you have further questions. We plan to organize a social event and tour of the Petrie museum on January 8th, with more information following.

Registration: Registration for the conference can be done here. After November 30th, registration will increase by £10 for the different registration bands. Cheques (if this method is preferred over online registration) should be made payable to ‘BANEA 2015′ and sent to J. Picton, BANEA, c/o Institute of Archaeology UCL, 31-34 Gordon Square, London WC1H 0HP. Finally, you can pay and register by bank transfer: please email for details.

Accommodation: Suggestions can be found here.