Since early this year, nearly 2000 reports have been transferred from OASIS into the Grey Literature Library. The total in the library now stands at 20,000:

This release includes notable contributions from Pre-Construct Archaeology Ltd (London), Thames Valley Archaeological Services, John Moore Heritage Services, CFA Archaeology Ltd and Museum of London Archaeology. It also includes new organisations who have been added to the growing number of contributors to the Grey Literature Library including: Murray Archaeological Services Ltd (MAS),  A1 Archaeology Ltd, Addyman Archaeology, Aecern Archaeology, West Coast Archaeological Services, Wardell Armstrong Archaeology, Vindomora Solutions, Stephen John Baldwin, PRO Archaeology Services, Lindsey Archaeological Services, Herefordshire Archaeology, Clwyd-Powys Archaeological Trust, Archaeology Warwickshire, University of Bristol, Archaeology Department and Wiltshire Archaeological and Natural History Society.


As usual, the reports span all parts of England and Scotland, all archaeological periods, and a variety of investigation types – from geophysical survey to building recording. Some of the highlights include:

Geophysical surveys conducted at Clachan an Diridh stone circle in Perth and Kinross commissioned by AOC Archaeology Group and conducted by Archaeological Services Durham University (

A geophysical survey of HMS Campania wrecked in the Firth of Forth by Wessex Archaeology (

An archaeological investigation on the site of the Olympic Cinema by AOC Archaeology (

Work identifying the probable location of Wat’s Dyke at Weston Lane, Oswestry by Clwyd-Powys Archaeological Trust (

Isles of Scilly Historic Environment Research Framework by Council Historic Environment Service (

An evaluation of a banjo enclosure at Littlemore, Oxfordshire by Thames Valley Archaeological Services (

A building survey at Mohopehead Lead Mine and Ore Works, Northumberland by Wardell Armstrong Archaeology (

This significant milestone is testament to the hard work of all organisations involved in submitting and validating OASIS records.

The OASIS team