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  How many hours in your working week?
Posted by: P Prentice - 1st July 2015, 01:27 PM - Forum: The Site Hut - Replies (31)

How many hours a day/week do you work and is this the same as the number you get paid for?
When most employees in the sector are paid for 37 hours would you consider a job on the same rubbish rate but requiring 40hrs work per week?

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  What are the three core skills a new digger needs
Posted by: Wax - 23rd June 2015, 10:37 PM - Forum: The Site Hut - Replies (38)

As the general view is that skills are slipping what three core skills does the new digger need?

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  CIfA Client guide published
Posted by: BAJR - 5th June 2015, 08:35 PM - Forum: The Site Hut - Replies (44)

CIfA Client guide published


This guide is aimed at anyone who needs to meet the requirements of legislation or policy that relate to archaeology. It explains what you need to do and why you need a professional archaeologist to help you through the process.

BAJR has one as well. but what do you think... ( apart from the CIfA bias of course... which one has to say is pretty fair.


Would you consider ging to clients>>

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  Asbestos Awareness Courses
Posted by: Land-Escapist - 22nd May 2015, 11:51 AM - Forum: The Site Hut - Replies (11)

So I have just had the life frightened out of me on this course and was just curious as to how up to speed people were with dealing with asbestos in archaeological contexts. I guess this mainly applies to post-med/industrial sites but is asbestos awareness a standard across archaeological companies? Building Surveys seem pretty obvious - some sort of refurb/demolition survey should have been done beforehand which identifies obvious bits. But archaeologically, things get a little muddy (in more ways than one). In soils it can be hard to identify if it has already degraded, particularly the brown and blue stuff and past experience has shown that trial pits won't neccessarily pick it up if its concentrated in particular areas.

Just thinking of the all the new people coming into the commercial world thick and fast who may even be of a generation where it was no longer used in buildings

Or am I just being paranoid, perhaps the risk is the same as tetanus or Weils disease?

Thanks in advance Smile

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  facebook. the devil you say!
Posted by: P Prentice - 19th May 2015, 11:07 AM - Forum: The Site Hut - Replies (12)

i am trying to work out if this forum is dying a natural death brought on by apathy and boring posts or if traffic is being subverted by that perniciously offensive intrusion which you will all be sorry for joining eventually
i hate facebook

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  Are Standards in field Archaeology Slipping
Posted by: Wax - 16th May 2015, 11:38 AM - Forum: The Site Hut - Replies (90)

So what is more important meeting the needs of the client (quick, cheap temporal contamination removal) or maintaining and improving the standard of the archaeological resource? Have been hearing a few horror stories lately and am wondering if there has been a general decline in standards. As the tales I am hearing are hear say there is no point complaining to CIFA.

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  Election Prediction
Posted by: GnomeKing - 8th May 2015, 02:58 AM - Forum: The Site Hut - Replies (5)

nearly everything stays the same in England > seats, policy, numpties. >> with such a crap turnout, no wonder nearly every seat is held by the same support of the same voters as last time...

thats "alright for jack" and 'UK Inc'., as we are really just talking about differnt flavours of Troy anyway.

Personally, I think its a shame Pliad did not do better Wales - also for Greens nationally.

UKIP continue to show increased discontentment with the 'established status quo'

(lid dems...no comment)

The real winners are the SNP - wow! - ...i knew the Scots would not forgive the utter shite that English Red/Blue propaganda machine has spouted

Gnome also expects record turn-out in Scotland >>> and no wonder, as this perhaps the only place where people think they might actually have some democratic voice in how they are governed !


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  Excavation archives as case studies
Posted by: pdurdin - 7th May 2015, 09:42 AM - Forum: The Site Hut - Replies (34)

I'm currently in my second year of a BA Archaeology at the University of York. My third year dissertation will include developing a method for quantitatively assessing quality in excavation archives, and I hope to complete the research portion of this over the summer. However, due to changes in staff and staff being away on leave, some of the archives I'd hoped to get access to aren't currently available.

So I'm looking for 2-3 small to medium commercial excavation archives to use as case studies, preferably from within the last 5-10 years as my focus is on current practices. The nature or period of the archaeology doesn't matter, all I'm looking for is complete archives to test the methodology.

If you can help, or refer me to a good source, please PM me.

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  what federation ?
Posted by: Marc Berger - 6th May 2015, 10:14 PM - Forum: The Site Hut - Replies (1)

what federation?


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  Diggers Forum. Anonymous Complaints.
Posted by: Crocodile - 2nd May 2015, 12:26 PM - Forum: The Site Hut - Replies (40)

Apparently if you want to make an anonymous complaint to the cIFA you have to go through the Diggers' Forum. This raises a number of questions.

Why can't the cIFA offer the same process, filtering out malicious complaints and putting forward complaints on behalf of anonymous complainants?

What are an individuals legal rights to anonymity if one makes a complaint through the Diggers' Forum?

Why does the recipient of a complaint need to know who the complainant is? And if they do, how come an anonymous complaint is acceptable via the Diggers' Forum but not directly via the IFA? What's the difference?

What is the official status of an anonymous complaint through the Diggers' Forum? Does it have an official status? Or is it just self proclaimed bigger boys who reckon they can sort stuff out behind closed doors that can't be done by the official route?

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