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  Genetic analysis of old bones and teeth
Posted by: Marc Berger - 14th August 2017, 08:40 AM - Forum: The Site Hut - No Replies

I would be interested in getting some analysis of some Skelies done and wondered  what experiences anybody might have had of the process, costs, problems and affects. I am particularly interested in Roman/iron age.

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  Three Dead Chasing Treasure
Posted by: Stephen Jack - 26th June 2017, 07:59 AM - Forum: The Site Hut - Replies (3)

Before anyone replies to this, (chances of that are? small) please follow through on each episode to avoid the obvious reply.
I made these videos to stop people getting killed, somehow I think this death toll will increase. I had intended to take a couple of months putting them together but events tend to change things and two months became two days.

The Art of Treasure Hunting 1 Thinking

The Art of Treasure Hunting 2 Context

The Art of Treasure Hunting 3 TTOTC Knowing

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  300,000 years ...Wow!
Posted by: GnomeKing - 7th June 2017, 09:52 PM - Forum: The Site Hut - No Replies

1/3 older...

all the homo trees may be wrong...

bring on Hominid Planet Party II ! Smile

(and let June be the end of May)

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  How can adequate development planning occur when...
Posted by: GnomeKing - 25th May 2017, 05:29 PM - Forum: The Site Hut - Replies (2)

How can adequate development planning occur when some important commercial sites are neither listed in HERs, OASIS or any other publicly accessible record?

This is no trivial matter - i have personal knowledge of at least 4 non-trivial sites, each with some 'difficulties' in initially planning approval, one nearly 10 years old, excavated under full commercial contracts and planning legislation, for which there is no Report, no deposited Archive, no digital listing, and (rather shockingly) no County Council listing or HER entry.

A 'Desk-Based' survey for the areas would suggest no known archaeology for any subsequent development. Sure, if the friendly Mounty remembers the work, and happens to have time to speak to you, they might remember that some work was done, and perhaps even the most broad archaeological narrative. However this is utterly sub-standard for planning commercial risk, archaeological potential, and in PREPARING ADEQUATE METHODS for heritage mitigation. We need plans. We need assemblages. We need dates. WE NEED THE DETAILS.

Even when a Mounty might have provided this kind of input, there is no guarantee they will, for a variety of reasons (eg generally not wanting to get involved with problems, overworked/under-funded, simple Council power games etc).
In at least one other case, the lack of an updated HER record meant that a 'significant' site was discovered in an area which had been judged 'low significance', but would have been considered 'high' had the previous adjacent excavation (with no public record) had been factored in. The Mounty said nothing. I have personal experience of exactly the same - different County/Company/Site, but same old story...

I am very much first-in-line to defend our Public Services and County Council colleagues, and i put the blame firmly in the hands of the Commercial sector, who still seem to think that County Councils, Museums, and Public Archives will just clean up their mess, essentially for free!

But, this is just not good enough. The Commercial sector will do nothing unless the CCs get much MUCH tougher...i don't see much prospect of that, so what do we do ?

ps: please please please do not mention the Charted Institute of FA...that really will not help us, not unless most of the executive body is severely shaken up...at every turn where the Institute of FA should have helped, it has proved a closed door, dead-end, and total waste of ones time + ink.

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  Logic bending and poor analysis.
Posted by: Stephen Jack - 19th May 2017, 11:49 PM - Forum: The Site Hut - Replies (1)

Close your facebook cattle land accounts.

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  Automonous Surveying
Posted by: Stephen Jack - 5th May 2017, 07:39 AM - Forum: The Site Hut - Replies (3)

Its been a few years since I posted anything here, and that's not due to lounging about on that unsearchable excuse for a forum called facebook.

This post is to see if there is any life here that may wish to input into the development of autonomous surveying. I wrote about doing this nearly 10 years ago did as much work on it at the time as I could, now it is possible to build the equipment that can survey at 8cm accuracy, and at a low cost. There have been many advances in that 10 years eg. battery capacity up size more than halved. Motor power sky high size halved. Software free, power of, unbelievable.

I spent 20 years doing survey work in the construction and mining industry, not in the field of Archaeology, so what are your needs and requirements?

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  Recover your password
Posted by: BAJR - 31st March 2017, 10:40 AM - Forum: The Site Hut - Replies (5)

Die to failing numbers and security issues, I dropped the old forum...  however, there was so much knowledge contained in these 15 years of rumination, that I was loathe to lose it.   so I dropped it into a basic forum system... 

You may experience difficulty in signing in...  but you can reset your password.  
If you have trouble...  get in touch  ( info@bajr.org )  and  I will help

cheers my anon BAJRite dears

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  International Heritage Visualisation course
Posted by: BAJR - 31st March 2017, 10:29 AM - Forum: The Site Hut - No Replies

Just updated the BAJR Uni and College courses section .  and added the Glasgow School of Art - International Heritage Visualisation course.   pretty damn cutting edge ...  if not bleeding...  

The MSc course equips individuals with the knowledge and skill sets required to create digital records and visualisations of heritage sites and objects of local, national and international significance.   

Worth a thought!  ( this is one of the growth areas for the future) 


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  CSCS card help
Posted by: Oasis - 21st March 2017, 03:53 PM - Forum: The Site Hut - Replies (3)

Afternoon all!

I need a CSCS card for a job but I'm not sure how to go about it. I've not yet graduated and I'm not a member of CIfA. Can I still get the CRO card now then upgrade when I graduate?

Many thanks

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Posted by: P Prentice - 20th January 2017, 01:42 PM - Forum: The Site Hut - Replies (10)

congrats to bakewell for breaking through the £20k mud ceiling.

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