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Another newbie joining the ranks! - kwdino - 5th August 2015

Hey guys. Like a fair few other posters, I am starting my first post-uni job in commercial archaeology! Just a basic question really. Someone mentioned previously about reading up about the first site you are involved in and trying to obtaining the WSI and DBA. Is it appropriate to ask for a copy before going out on site? I start on Monday but would like to read up before. Thanks for all the useful information on this forum by the way!

Another newbie joining the ranks! - Dinosaur - 5th August 2015

Hi kwdino, welcome to the madhouse :p That's a tricky one! You don't want to look too 'pushy' before you start, would be my advice. Depends a lot on who you're working for, and also on what, a lot of that stuff could potentially be regarded as 'client confidential', 'commercially sensitive' etc., so some units might regard it as 'not for the mass-circulation'. I'd play it by ear, get your feet under the table etc. I'm sure the guys will now chip in with opposite advice Big Grin

Full marks for being interested though :face-approve: - the usual problem is getting any of the workforce to read anything other than their payslip. From experience on jobs where I have left WSIs etc lying about for people to read, they usually end up trampled into the accumulated litter under one of the cabin tables :face-crying:

Another newbie joining the ranks! - kwdino - 5th August 2015

Thanks Dinosaur for your reply! Maybe i will just get settled in first and ask around for information after Big Grin

Another newbie joining the ranks! - Mike.T. - 6th August 2015

Maybe asking to run a site after you've been there a week is pushy, but not asking to read a WSI / DBA. Most companies will give background information in some form or other on the site you are excavating, if the company is any good that is ...
And read anything you are given by them in their time, not your own, it's still work.

Another newbie joining the ranks! - Sikelgaita - 6th August 2015

Ask to see them. The WSI is the spec for how the company is going to undertake the work to fulfil the LPA requirements and details the standards that you willl be expected to work to so why should they not want to let you see it?

Another newbie joining the ranks! - tmsarch - 6th August 2015

Good luck - hope all goes well in your first commercial archaeology job. :face-approve:

Personally I would have no concerns about anyone seeing the site dba/wsi (to be encouraged in fact), but perhaps for the reasons Dino sets out, you could just say to the company that you’re really excited to get started and wondered if they had any background information on the site's archaeology that you can read?

If you know the details of the site you’re working on it might be possible to find a dba/arch background on-line with the planning application (presuming there is one).

Another newbie joining the ranks! - RitualCoconut - 6th August 2015

Imo the DBA should be discussed with all on-site staff prior to them being let loose with a mattock, sieve or machine. It should be part of the site introduction. It need only take 10 mins or so and helps with the digging/recording as well as staff morale.

Another newbie joining the ranks! - kwdino - 6th August 2015

Thanks so much for you comments!

Another newbie joining the ranks! - Marc Berger - 6th August 2015

No worries. Have you signed away your copyright and who to?

Another newbie joining the ranks! - BAJR - 6th August 2015

Apologies... and welcome... You will soon find out that everyone else is nice and Marc is obsessed with pensions, copyright and well thats about it. ~ Welcome aboard