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  IFA CONfrence calling the "unwaged"; Free Speech
Posted by: Marc Berger - 4th February 2016, 12:00 PM - Forum: The Site Hut - Replies (14)

Ticket Information

Ticket Type Price
CIfA Member - Full three days £186.00
CIfA member - Weds 20 April £76.00
CIfA member - Thurs 21 April £76.00
CIfA member - Fri 22 April £76.00
CIfA Student/Unwaged - Full three days £100.00
CIfA Student/Unwaged - Weds 20 April £45.00
CIfA student/ unwaged - Thurs 21 April £45.00
CIfA student/ unwaged - Fri 22 April £45.00

Non-member - full three days £330.00
Non-member - Weds 20 April £120.00
Non-member - Thurs 21 April £120.00
Non-member - Fri 22 April £120.00
Non-member student/unwaged - Full three days £192.00
Non-member student/unwaged - Weds 20 April £81.00
Non-member student/unwaged - Thurs 21 April £81.00
Non-member Student/Unwaged - Fri 21 April £81.00

Wednesday night meal £40.00
Thursday night buffet & social £14.00

SPEAKER - Weds 20 April If you are speaking at the conference, you are entitled to book the day you are speaking on for free

SPEAKER - Thurs 21 April If you are speaking at the conference, you are entitled to book the day you are speaking on for free

SPEAKER - Fri 22 April If you are speaking at the conference, you are entitled to book the day you are speaking on for free


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  Stop fracking
Posted by: Jack - 21st January 2016, 01:46 PM - Forum: The Site Hut - Replies (1)

Not directly archaeological, but indirectly is as last run of licences included SSSI's, bird sanctuaries and heritage sites.

Sign the petition, pass it on


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  WWII Battlefield Recovery.
Posted by: trowelhead - 11th January 2016, 01:00 PM - Forum: The Site Hut - Replies (1)

Just watched the first episode of this utter joke of a program. I thought that extreme archaeology had been and gone. Did you see all the disclaimers flashing up! No wonder not one of them was an archaeologist any self respecting professional would have declined. The entire team involved who either presented or worked on the program should be ashamed of themselves and buried in that excuse for an historic excavation of a an unopened bunker. This sort of drivel just reinforces to the public that anyone can dig up something armed with a shovel and not give any due regard to context.

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  Sort it out!
Posted by: Sikelgaita - 15th October 2015, 06:24 PM - Forum: The Site Hut - Replies (54)

Met a new member of staff today, someone who has previously been working for an RAO. According to this new member of staff, the RAO was deducting £85 a week from their wages to put them up in a shared caravan whilst working away! Effectively this person has been working for less than the minimum wage! Disgusting!

Come on CiFA, is this the sort of disgraceful behaviour exhibited by other Chartered organisations...I think not! Come on CiFA do you really believe that it is more important to fast track graduates than speaking out strongly against such practices! CiFA you want to be seen as professional then grow up and start acting like one instead of hoping that eventually it will go away because there is a boom now! Come on consultants stop pretending that you value quality and yet you turn a blind eye knowing that the competitive tender is being won by through the deliberate exploitation of the workforce! Come on newly graduated archaeologists, stop accepting to work for such despicable employers!

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  Plenty of jobs going.........
Posted by: monty - 26th August 2015, 09:01 PM - Forum: The Site Hut - Replies (12)

Boom time ! vacancies everywhere and no one to fill them ........... is it any wonder looking at the poverty line wages being offered ? I know those on here are at or above the minima but they really are appallingly low........ how are units going to fulfil contracts with no field staff ?

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  Claiming tax back on stuff
Posted by: The-Sheep - 8th August 2015, 05:23 PM - Forum: The Site Hut - Replies (8)

Having moved jobs relatively recently for the first time I find myself filling out a P87 to claim tax relief from HMRC as my employer doesn't pay the recommended mileage allowance. Reading through the advice on the website made me question what else I could claim for.

Obviously there are memberships and such but have any employees ever claimed for work clothes etc?


Having not known about this I obviously haven’t kept all my receipts, but I would argue archaeologists should be able to claim a lump sum like other construction workers, but of course ‘archaeologist’ isn’t a listed occupation and I am not sure who you would contact to query this.


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  Another newbie joining the ranks!
Posted by: kwdino - 5th August 2015, 04:02 PM - Forum: The Site Hut - Replies (22)

Hey guys. Like a fair few other posters, I am starting my first post-uni job in commercial archaeology! Just a basic question really. Someone mentioned previously about reading up about the first site you are involved in and trying to obtaining the WSI and DBA. Is it appropriate to ask for a copy before going out on site? I start on Monday but would like to read up before. Thanks for all the useful information on this forum by the way!

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  Oh Dear what can the matter be
Posted by: Marc Berger - 30th July 2015, 11:08 PM - Forum: The Site Hut - Replies (31)

It goes on for half an hour but the first fifteen minutes is worth the price of admission.


"I want a local HER to be statutory although it will have to be regional so that I can have a job with a pension and pretend that I am a field archaeologist in the eyes of the public who all are dying to be local volunteer field archaeologists - and lets not mention that the council museum system would be bankrupt if were not corrupt". XXX

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  Original standards and guidences for field archaeologists
Posted by: Marc Berger - 13th July 2015, 04:00 PM - Forum: The Site Hut - Replies (10)

I have been looking unsuccessfully for the original wording for the Evaluation standard and guidance from 1994, when cifa was known as the Institute for field archaeologists. I don't think that there were any earlier versions than 1994 but I would be interested in any if there are.

Thanks in advance

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  New Survey on Community Research
Posted by: BAJR - 3rd July 2015, 09:12 AM - Forum: The Site Hut - Replies (1)


Historic England has commissioned Worcestershire Archive and Archaeology Service to find out how much archaeology, historic building and local history research is carried out by voluntary groups in England.

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