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myfile - Marc Berger - 4th December 2016

hosty I think that you have a myfilestore redirect on your system

myfile - BAJR - 8th December 2016

Yep... spotted that... am in UAE until Monday... when I will deal with it... not too extreme... so have not shut the forum down Smile

cheers for telling me

myfile - Marc Berger - 5th January 2017

The myfile redirect is happening again when I search for bajr through Explorer, is it at my end?

myfile - BAJR - 5th January 2017

Still fighting it... bloody hard to get reid of!

myfile - Marc Berger - 16th January 2017

Any use?

myfile - BAJR - 18th January 2017

Still fighting it... I have been through all of these...

Getting to the point of giving up...

myfile - Marc Berger - 23rd January 2017

Don't know if any help but the odd thing is that it only does it once,that I notice, daily?, as in it recognises not to redirect me a second time. So I wondered if I cleared my cookies what would happen and found that I got the redirect again. Has it anything to do with what vbullitin uses cookies for?

RE: myfile - BAJR - 28th March 2017

Killed it in the end Wink by killing and resurrecting the forum Smile

RE: myfile - Marc Berger - 12th April 2017

is it dead if you are reading this?