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congratulations - P Prentice - 20th January 2017

congrats to bakewell for breaking through the £20k mud ceiling.

congratulations - Marc Berger - 23rd January 2017

If the museums paid for their product would they get paid twice as much? Are they some kind of council unit?

congratulations - P Prentice - 23rd January 2017

nope - trading skills properly perhaps!

congratulations - Marc Berger - 23rd January 2017

They involved in the buying and selling of land?

congratulations - P Prentice - 23rd January 2017

as much as any of us no doubt. what you drivin for?

congratulations - Marc Berger - 23rd January 2017

just baiting. why people pay more than the going rates? Their logo looks like a council/government badge preferred contractor type thing, they promised something to friends in planning?. Hopefully a dam has burst and rates sky rocket say 25 k.

congratulations - P Prentice - 23rd January 2017

there aint enough of us at long last
i reckon trainees will remain cheap because the uber units can flood sites with them but once you have a year you should make £25k in 18/19
you could play mute and be quids in unless you have been misbehaving on twitbook

congratulations - BAJR - 24th January 2017

It is encouraging... it is becoming an employees market just now. Big hole opening up for POs and PMs though.

Now... if the gap between bottom and top can just widen a bit ... that would be perfect.

Marc ... you surprise me... I thought you would use your interweb skills to find out about the company... very easy Big Grin:face-smart: just click their web link

congratulations - Marc Berger - 25th January 2017

Don't understand why you would want to widen the gap -did not notice myfile today

click their web link--that's what they want you to do. Came across this Derbyshire registered number set up seems a grand name all things to everybody bit like those who like to use archaeological and services and research in a name. The "Trust" Claims
Quote:The Heritage Trust is a not for profit organisation which is run by volunteers that helps to save historic buildings at risk. Our work will often involve us taking ownership of the building ourselves or by providing help and advice to others who have their own building rescue project
Does not seem to be registered at the charity commission, they had a The heritage trust that got deregistered, ceased to exist in 1996. Does not seem to be a VAT number or a registered logo but does seem to be registered here as a (limited?) company

As for company 05209148 vat reg 845576882 I take my hat off to them., claim started they started 1999. Did what I should have done and registered as a company in 2004. Not sure about the heraldic device, a bit council but maybe far seeing although I don't think archaeology should be sold as a service especially around Sheffield.

congratulations - P Prentice - 2nd February 2017

so hist eng blow it out the water with nigh on £22k - woohoo - if only for 4 weeks