Ness of Brodgar covers are off for another 8 week season. This excavation, directed by Nick Card for the UHI Institute, is populated each year by UHI archaeology students and other students and volunteers from around the globe.  Life-long friendships are established as you learn your profession.  UHI graduates, post grads and staff return to work here annually.  This excavation, part of a programme of  research in the World Heritage Area has already provided so many “firsts” in Neolithic studies in the UK:  Painted houses, roof tiles, painted pots to name but three.

Many studies contributing to the overall understanding of Neolithic society, are being undertaken at the Ness:  In a research programme entitled “Smart fauna” Dr Ingrid Mainland is laser scanning in 3D and analysing the deposits of cattle tibia that surround one of the principle buildings at the Ness. These deposits represent the slaughter of hundreds of cattle, probably as a single event.

Visitors are welcomed, though there are restrictions on groups of 8 or more.

Study at University of the Highlands and Islands in Orkney


The opportunity

The Clair Drever Masters Scholarship (Archaeology) 2015-16

Orkney College UHI are inviting applications for a new Masters scholarship which is being generously supported by Jean Drever Young.
  • Students are registered to study the Masters in Archaeological Practice at Orkney College UHI
  • Full Time students only
  • Students must reside in Orkney during study/term time

To apply:

Please complete the application form and return it to the Development Office by 5pm on 7th August 2015.

Applications will be considered by a panel of academics on 17th August and recipients will be informed thereafter.