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*  A video interview with Co-editor, Alasdair Brooks
*  How, when and where did we move from medieval times to a modern world? by  David Caldwell
*  Key articles: the editorial team pick their highlights from the archive
*  Archaeology of the recent past and the present day in Post-Medieval Archaeology by James Dixon
*  Post-Medieval Archaeology and Old World-New World connections by Charles E Orser, Jnr.

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A group of early 20th-century naval victualling finds from Royal Clarence Yard, Gosport, Hampshire, Chris Jarrett and Guy Thompson

‘State of the art? of British gunflint research, with special focus on the early gunflint workshop at Dun Eistean, Lewis, Torben Bjarke Ballin

Clothing and textiles at the Hyde Park Barracks Destitute Asylum, Sydney, Australia, Peter Davies

Embodied colonialism: the cultural meaning of silver in a Swedish colonial context in the 17th century, Jonas M Nordin

The stock-in-trade of a Parish Scavenger: an 18th-century community reflected in refuse from excavations at 9 and 11 Duke Street, London, J Pearce et al.

The problem of provenancing English post-medieval slipwares: a chemical and petrographic approach, Harriet White

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