Archaeologists Derek Pitman and Lawrence Shaw have launched a new, freely available, podcast that looks to share the world of archaeology and heritage in a new and engaging way. The podcast features a review of current discussions and ideas within archaeology, as well as interviews with leading professionals and academics who share stories from their ‘career in ruins’.

Derek said ‘we hope that the podcast will make our profession more accessible to a range of audiences, from the general public, through prospective students to existing professionals. The past belongs to everyone and we are really excited about reaching out to people in a new way ’

The Career in Ruin podcast is available on all devices, through the Apple Store, Play Stone, Spotify, or our website

The pair hope that their access to interesting and leading professionals will help show how different people have got into the profession and give insight into the variety and wade reaching range of methods and disciplines that help construct our understanding of the past.

Lawrence said ‘It’s been great fun. We hope we have identified a area that hasn’t yet been properly utilised to share and engage our amazing profession with wider audiences or engaged younger people with the possibilities a career in ruins can offer. We have tried to move away from the more scripted and stuffy presentation of heritage by placing the past firmly in the present, linking it to our own lives and experiences through open and accessible conversation ’

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