A Class I Pictish symbol stone was found in May 2013 during ploughing operations. The stone, a solid pink granite boulder, measures 0.5 x 1.68 x 0.36m and weighs c.670kg.

It has incised decoration on two adjoining faces; the other two faces show no obvious signs of carving. Face 1 is incised with a large eagle, with crescent and V-rod below. Face 2 is incised with a mirror case symbol, with notch rectangle and Z-rod below. The Dandaleith Stone may be unique in having two pairs of symbols carved on the same orientation on two adjoining faces.

Similar symbols can be found on other Pictish stones in the Strathspey valley, as at Arndilly (NJ24NE0002) and Inveravon (NJ13NE0007). The stone is currently undergoing conservation work before it goes on display in Elgin Museum.

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