Heartening to see  the newly revived Barrow Magazine, the student authored and published magazine of the Glasgow University Archaeology Society, now produced by the Scottish Student Archaeology Society.

Barrow Magazine was published intermittently in the 1960s-80s by the GUAS as a platform for students to discuss current debates in theory and practice in Scottish Archaeology, and the wider field. Produced by a committee of students and featuring a mixture of student and guest articles the original Barrow provided an useful platform for student discussion and helped numerous graduates of the society gain early writing for an audience experience.
The modern incarnation of barrow follows a similar format, including a mixture of student and guest articles, interviews and reviews to encourage wider engagement and debate amongst students and the wider discipline around issues in Archaeology today, (though perhaps with less cheesy digging songs).
The articles have been written in an accessible style in order to widen the possible field of participation with our publication and to increase its accessibility to both archaeologists and the general public, and hopefully it will be a more enjoyable read for all as a result of this.
Follow the link and read on:
  1. How to build a trench
  2. Archives, Archaeology, and Parsimony
  3. Reflections on the first SSAS Conference
  4. The Bronze Age ‘Hoard’ from Callander
  5. An interview with Peta Glew
  6. A year on St Kilda Craig Stanford
  7. Women in Heritage: the Conference
  8. Women in Heritage: A discussion Rebecca Jones
  9. An interview with Robin Turner
  10. Our Heritage Discourse