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Archäologischer Grabungs-Kompetenz-Pass published

The first of a number of International Archaeology Skills Passports has taken to the stage Welcome to the German Excavation Competance Pass .

I provided permissions and copy text to allow countries to create their own version of the BAJR Archaeology Skills Passport – while still maintaining the core elements – which will allow skills to be recognised and recorded, as well as be valid across borders!

The German version of the passport has been produced by ArchaeoPublica and is officially endorsed by:
Bundesdenkmalamt (Austrian National Heritage Agency)
University of Innsbruck
DGUF (German Society for Pre- and Protohistory)
CIfA Deutschland
Internationales Österreichisches ArchäologieForum

Officially the document is by:
Katharina Möller, David Connolly (2019). Archäologischer Grabungs-Kompetenz-Pass. Leonding: ArchaeoPublica.
A6, 104 pages B/W, ISBN: 978-3-748542-45-2, retail price: € 14.99.

However, a key player is the lovely Karl Raimund… who seized the opportunity, and led the way.

Hardcopies can be ordered directly via the internet from here:

The German website including a free download of the electronic version of the passport, a link to order hardcopies, and an explanation of the passport and how it works can be found here:

Next version (the Australian one), comes out in December 2019) – Exciting times!

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