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Archaeological survival skills

Find out about the work of experimental archaeologists and learn some of the skills needed to survive in prehistory.

Find out how Otzi the Iceman created fire around 5,300 years ago and learn ancient fire lighting techniques including using a bow drill, hand drill, flint and steel, fire piston and natural tinders.

Collect and prepare a range of natural materials to make cordage, explore its importance in the ancient world and have a go at producing a range of I, S and Z plies.

Discover how a range of bone prehistoric tools and weapons were made before creating your own bone tools from flint to take home. Then put your new tools and skills to the test to see if you would survive prehistory!

This is a hands on course, though our excellent instructors will explain and demonstrate everything. All materials are provided and you can take anything you make home.

Course tutors:
This day school is being run by Jonny Crockett from Survival School Ltd and Matt Lloyd from Survival School Bristol.

Jonny established Survival School Ltd in 1997 to provide a place of learning for those who wanted to know more about bushcraft and wilderness. They currently run courses in Devon, Staffordshire, Scotland and overseas. Jonny went on his first survival course when he was 14 years old and has been learning ever since. He has frequently been invited to work with the Royal Marines, the Royal Navy, the Army and the Royal Air Force.

Matt set up the Bristol branch of Survival School in 2014 and runs a range of courses from his permanent woodland camp just outside Clevedon, his passion for Bushcraft and wilderness living skills comes from a lifelong love of the countryside and hand making useful products
For more info on the event and how to get tickets
Adult £70.00 (GBP) / ticket
Concession £62.00 (GBP) / ticket
* Please note that a maximum number of 4 tickets can be purchased for this event per order.

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