Celebrating Scotland’s ‘Year of Food and Drink’, The Queen’s Feast event will immerse visitors into the royal court of Mary of Guise – mother to Mary, Queen of Scots – as both upstairs and downstairs get ready to lay on a grand Renaissance feast.
Taking place over the course of a weekend, on Saturday 23rd and Sunday 24th May, the event will see the hustle and bustle of court life  return once again to the castle as it is brought to life with historical costumed performers as they portray the Queen, her courtiers, noble guests and servants during the preparations and festivities.
Whilst a team of cooks will be busy creating a host of dishes for the Queen’s banqueting table, visitors will have the opportunity to learn more about the importance of food as a significant part of court life, representing wealth, power and status as well as the service and etiquette surrounding it.
There will also be the chance to sample some of the dishes on offer, including a great Game Pie and a sweet rice pudding, known as Rys Lumbard, which are prepared and inspired from real recipes of the time, in advance of them being presented to the Queen and her guests.
“Marking the ‘Year of Food and Drink’, the event will allow visitors to discover the importance that food and feasting played in Scotland, more than 460 years ago, as well as taste some of the dishes recreated from centuries old recipes for themselves.
“Feasts and royal festivities would once have been a familiar sight at the castle  and its court and we look forward to allowing our visitors to experience what this could have been like.”
“The court also undertook a number of sporting past times including falconry, and this event is a great opportunity to see this displayed within these ancient walls, as visitors step back in time.”
The Queen’s Feast at Stirling Castle will take place on Saturday 23rd and Sunday 24th May
Time: 12 noon – 4.00pm
Tickets: Included in the admission price. Buy tickets Online in advance or purchase on the day.
This event is included in the cost of admission to Stirling Castle and is free for Historic Scotland Members.