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My Cartoon Reality - How to Excavate

It is only the seasoned archaeologist who truly understands what procedures and instruments are needed to successfully involve oneself in what is commonly known as an excavation. An unworldly university graduate comes fresh to the slaughter of field archaeology with callow notions about trowels and measuring tapes only to discover, in a very slow and painful fashion, the true nature of the implements needed for a dig (please forgive my use of the vernacular.) In the following blog I will attempt to tease out the main utensils needed to successfully propel oneself, in an agreeable arc, directly through an excavation and onwards into the dark hopeless void of unemployment on the other side.

Read on with mirth or nods of vague memory............ :face-kiss:
WooHoo! More hits! thanks for posting that up. The next (Christmas) post is very definitely based around the usual group of Irish archaeologists I take the mickey out of (oddly enough Mickey Mouse is briefly in it too.). I hope this doesn't leave the Saxon contingent feeling left out, wondering 'Who the hell are these people?' As the blog gets more readers outside of the (Free Banking) Republic of Ireland it's drifting into less specific waters, so archaeologists all around the world can join hands around it's warming glow and sing together hootenanny style. Kumbayah!
Bummer, doing it all wrong here, although I've been suggesting the dynamite for years.....
Years of experience has taught me kissing developers is a must - it should be taught at university. It unsettles them at first but they thank you for it later.
Dear Mr Reality...

When meeting a developer for the first time, should I use the tongue, or wait until the relationship has become more secure?

Jump right in with a big frenchie. To hell with security. Life is short and all the developers I've met are shorter still (under 5ft.) And if they treat you like dirt that's fine too, archaeology is a dirty game - where there's muck there's brass. Those developers are very brassy. Not bronze though, bronze is so last year, prehistoric.

Sorry what was your original question?

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