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Image purporting to show the reality of British Archaeology
Rare image showing UK archaeology attempting to disappear up its own arse!

He won't be doing that after a few more years on site! Big Grin
Good point... must be one of those young flibberty gibbet diggers...
Perhaps they are looking for their career!
Quote:Good point... must be one of those young flibberty gibbet diggers...
Those people would bend over backwards to get a job (ba-dum-tish.)
"Heads up lads" takes on a new meaning Smile
Maybe its a warning not to overload that barrow? ...or over-enthusiastic searching for stake-holes....

Is there a 'before' shot?
PPE may have to be re-designed....
I think a torch might be required
Not a flaming torch I hope? With an optional pitchfork?

Will this pose be part of a skills passport?
After corrections the final draft of profilling the profession was due back from the ifa.
Reason: your past is my past

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