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reality show
Couple of good friends of mine came up with this a couple of nights ago...
The Tank

Large glass box. Team of archaeologists create fills/cuts/pits/recuts etc recording what they do as they go.Tank is filled with such to the top. In a "back to the shop floor" spirit, MIFA types get to excavate it single context. Everyone else gets to watch through the glass sides.Interpretations/methodologies are aired during the process. Similarly, PIFA types don`t get away with the potential humiliation either.The more we thought about this, the more we wet, over to you.Design an archaeology reality show.........Big Grin
" I'm a Curator..Get Me Out of Here!"

throwing in the trowel..
"the whs factor"
"I'm sorry I haven't a clue..."

++ i spend my days rummaging around in dead people ++
Big GrinBig GrinBig Grin
animal mineral vegetable?
university challenge
more like Universally Challenged

Another day another WSI?
How about for Consultants - "The Price is Right!" ("Come on down!... etc. etc.).
Dig Brother?
But we have Time Team!

How much more real do you want or need!Big Grin

*runs and hides to avoid hail of sharpened digging tools heading in his direction*

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