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new life, new archaeology?
Has anyone out there come across a virtual game 'second life'?

How about a virtual game 'new archaeology'

when everyone starts off on a level playing field

and see who makes it to the super unit

the county mounty

director of the ifa/bajr

how would a virtual view to archaeology work? better or worse??
Tell you wot muddy! you can be director of BAJR.. Smile it's one of those lovelry jobs that has so much going for it !!


must have a look at my second life account... is there ant archaeology on there now?

"No job worth doing was ever done on time or under budget.."
not met to be a pop at anyone. You do a wonderful job, and brought professionalism in archaeology along by leaps and bounds. Just meant as a lite heart look at archaeology at chrimbo time

maybe BAJR should set up an 'second' office on line and spread it's fame world wide..

merry christmas and a hapy new year one and all
Smile not taken as a pop... just having a laugh...

Thats an idea though... I could set up an office online ... would beat the rent!

Funny though.. a lot of people still think BAJR is a fully staffed dozens of employees type business... boy could I do with it sometimes.... still shows what you can do with a will and people like the brave BAJRites to help.

You would not believe it... but some people think BAJR is a force for evil Smile

"No job worth doing was ever done on time or under budget.."
hey if you want a willing pay of hands,

would be willing to help on commission basis

happy new year
Yer hired... Big Grin

seriously though if you (or anyone) thinks they can do anything.. from writing a guide... to checking an area for errors (like the PAS directory or Educational Courses) or fancy finding more resources such as re-eanctment groups (currently under construction) or Teachers Resources... let me know....

All help is gratefully recieved and credited...

Anyone ever think about reviving the Digger?

thanks muddy...

"No job worth doing was ever done on time or under budget.."
be happy to help,

no fee required, just tell me what is required

Everyone thought that you were the editor of the digger???? Are you standing down??
Ah... if truth be told... I was once an editor.... however there have been 4 Diggers since it started.. Bit like the Time Lords.. Smile

let me think on it... as there is always things to be checked, updated and the like... it can be hard being both BAJR and trying to run a company too! But boy is it worth it... I love meeting people who have got their start because of BAJR, and who learned from posts on this forum or who come asking for help.. and I can. Its funny... you hardly see BAJR in the mainstream .. but there it sits... like a big old git... I would never have it any other way... whats the point of being a big shot? or plastered on every page of a magazine .. the diffrence is that BAJR does.. while many only think about it. And it is all because of you all as well... without you... without your support.. BAJR would be nothing.

<sob> <sniff> Smile

"No job worth doing was ever done on time or under budget.."

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