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Jobs in British Archaeology 2013-14
Another year, another Jobs in British Archaeology paper looking at wages.

You can see the full pre-print article here-

  • Wages are not really increasing. :face-crying:
  • Senior wages have actually slipped a bit. B)
  • Now including starting wages- most accurate numbers on what people on temporary contracts are actually making. xx(
  • Concern about some companies not following IfA/BAJR minima BUT they also don't appear to be having much success recruiting workers at those below minima/violating ifA professional ethics wages. }Smile
Doug Wrote:
  • Concern about some companies not following IfA/BAJR minima BUT they also don't appear to be having much success recruiting workers at those below minima/violating ifA professional ethics wages. }Smile
i dont suppose you happen to know how oxford explain their below minima payrate to ifa do you?
If they can get you asking the wrong questions, they don't have to worry about answers
First let me say that someone from IfA or the council would be better placed to answer this.

My understanding is that a year and a half ago someone brought up the fact that IfA can not actually force ROs to meet minimas. Something about setting up a monopoly, etc. So the Council removed the requirement for pay minima BUT it its stead it said that the Jobs Information Service (JIS) could not advertise for below minima jobs.

The code of conduct now reads-

'5.5 A member shall give due regard to the welfare of employees, colleagues and helpers in relation to the terms and conditions of service. He or she shall give reasonable consideration to any IfA recommended pay minima and conditions of employment, and should endeavour to meet or exceed the IfA recommended minimum salaries.'

You can see it is in poor taste and violates the ethical and professional standards but because of the monopoly laws (actually supposed threat, no one has been sued yet, BUT in this day and age no one wants to be sued so ...) the IfA can not kick anyone out for not paying the minima. Oxford just gets the reputation of being a less than desirable place to work. Moreover, it does not look like they have a rush of people wanting to work for them.

(This is were it gets fuzy and if someone from the IfA could clarify because I don't know all the details). There is talk that the JIS requirement has some sort of wiggle room that should be closed off at the next meeting. (again, second hand rumour repeated here and someone from IfA should know more or if I have completely heard the wrong thing, very possible).

Now before anyone goes out all IfA bashing they and David have been fighting the good fight to make sure no below minima wages get advertised. My understanding (the parties involved could confirm) is that BAJR/IfA have been standing toe to toe with firms trying to post below and making sure they can't be played off each other. Forced quite a few people to raise rates, including non-RO organisations.

Word is a firm had to raise the salaries of all their works because people weren't happy that new employees were getting paid more because of the minima. Advert limits actually seem to be having a better affect on wages than the old IfA system- though time will tell.
All one can do is hope.... and yes... some serious work is going on.

Lets try to understand that they (the companies) are not actually taking in vast seas of cash to spend on their personal yachts --- BUT they do seem to have forgotten the basis of their companies. I hope to meet with the company CEOs around the country (not something I want to do, but feel I have to) To talk about suitable solutions and also to show that BAJR is not the irksome tw@t that they seem to think I am. I am also in the process of creating a new BAJR.. one that does not have to set rates or police them... but creates a positive and market driven demand for workers and the salaries and benefits that will attract people...

This may include but not be limited to a universal minima. and a per company Project Manager Rate thus you will be able to see at a glance what you may expect - the higher the PM rate the more likely the supervisor rate is better. and there will be a form that allows companies ( via a template system) to show items like London weighting, Pension contributions, number of days training, research options and more... highlighting the benefits of working with the company. ( also works as a check --- as if a company says it allows 3 training days a year and does not, then the employee can point this out...! )
There will also be a new BAJR News.... which collates and highlights company news. who is promoting, who is doing jobs where and on what... this will be industry news.... a more positive slant rather than a mailed fist.

anyway... I ain't a pushover yet Wink
Good luck with the rebranding!

When BAJR first started it had 2 very strong features. One was its function as a single site showing where archaeological work was coming up and the second was the opportunity to compare the wage offered by different contractors. Perhaps the site has become a little detached from those elements.....

Firstly it strikes me that adverts offering the immediate prospect of work should be central to the BAJR web-page....adverts asking people to register their availability for future undefined work seem to me a different kettle of fish to adverts offering immediate work. Not saying they don't have a place, but they should be in a separate section. They should also come with a proviso that anyone who posts a 'fishing' ad is obliged to reply to applicants telling them whether or not they have been successful....

Secondly....the element of looking at the bottom line, of cash in hand on a Friday evening, has also been made less explicit. Whilst benefits in kind or investment in futures do make a difference if full time permanent employment is under consideration, the majority of jobs advertised on BAJR are (and always have been) temporary and short term. Surely the main appeal of BAJR is the imperative of paying next weeks rent and not necessarily the retirement villa on the Algarve.

As is often mentioned in this forum, we are clever and intelligent people (at least if paper qualification means anything). Apart from the requirement to adhere to the National Minimum Wage, wouldn't it save BAJR a lot of bother if every advert was just accompanied by the warning 'Buyer beware'....... Discuss
With peace and consolation hath dismist, And calm of mind all passion spent...
And I do hope people will discuss.

The thing is that times have changed ( no really) and it is time to change with it. a more transparent system. and a more complete way for temp staff especially to make informed choices. the only minima is going to be the bottom line minima. and as to the apprentice... this will be looked at in regards to something like 1 apprentice per 5 staff and a requirement for actual skills training to be recorded ( no more - oh they are learning on the job) ( SKILLS PASSPORT IS GOOD FOR THAT!! )

And YEs I do think there should be a way to quickly and clearly show adverts for jobs and fishing adverts as well as those wanting tenders for self employed archaeologists.,

Never stay still... keep moving forward and look to positive actions.

so as Kevin says... Discuss!
I am totally in agreement with the requirement to formalise the training element of defined trainees posts, but BAJR should take care about using the description 'Apprentice' to cover such posts. 'Apprentice' has a specific legal interpretation linked to a contractual and qualification framework (NVQ through to degree level) and probably wouldn't be appropriate to most archaeological training......
With peace and consolation hath dismist, And calm of mind all passion spent...
BAJR Wrote:if a company says it allows 3 training days a year and does not, then the employee can point this out...! )

The problem with that is that most field staff are given contracts which are shorter than a year, so a company could still claim to allow 3 training days per annum in their advert but not actually provide it as the employee then loses his / her job after 6 months ...
I think people should be informed about potential 'pay traps' (deliberate and accidental) too. Sorry If this is already on the website somewhere.

Things like 'travel expenses paid'....
...meaning travel expenses paid from our office to site only - make sure you live near the office as it may cost you a fortune to travel from your home to a site next door to the office for no travel expenses.

Or 'accommodation supplied' but you have to pay for it yourself - find out how much you will have to pay, would you be better off sorting out your own accommodation?

'Pay £15K-18K dependent on experience' - expect you will be paid the minima of the range for doing the totality of the work, a cunning way of getting around minima unless you negotiate.

I'm sure more exist...........
i still think bajr should consider setting up an archaeological employment agency. you might not get the fully employed but should be able to get most of the short contract labour currently doing the rounds - especially those coming from europe. you could set the standard for wages, terms and training etc.
there is nobody i trust more and i would certainly use the service
If they can get you asking the wrong questions, they don't have to worry about answers

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