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Burial archaeology and Health and Safety
Kevin, the link's broke.

Quote:quote:Originally posted by achingknees

Kevin, the link's broke.

Apologies, try it now... (that I've put the right address in).
Quote:quote:Originally posted by kevin wooldridge

The Health and Safety Executive has recently bought out a new publication detailing Health and Safety risks and remidiation strategies associated with handling human remains, including potential risks on archaeological sites.

The document is available as a downloadable PDF at

This address differs slightly from the one given in this months copy of the IFA magazine.

Link works very well now Smile Very informative document. Thank you very much
interesting document, though possibly not really intended for the majority of archaeological exhumations. However, the potential for smallpox and anthrax to remain in soil for a considerable period of time means there is always going to be a potential risk to health. In the absence of burial records to check on likely pathogens or suiting, booting and wearing masks at all times, how can we mitigate against this possibility? Does anyone know if there have been any studies into exactly how long smallpox etc can survive in different burial environments?

++ i spend my days rummaging around in dead people ++
Agreed-Thankyou Kevin.An important document!Big Grin

..knowledge without action is insanity and action without knowledge is vanity..(imam ghazali,ayyuhal-walad)

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