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Challenges in conducting public engagement in commercial archaeology in the UK.
Here are the results of the survey on public engagement in archaeology.

Data collected as part of a post-doctoral research project funded by UCL Advances.

Project title:
Challenges in conducting public engagement in commercial archaeology in the UK.
Dataset name: Public engagement in UK commercialarchaeology
Data Type: Primary data
Created between May-June 2013 through an onlinesurvey
Principal Investigator: Hilary Orange â€Â¢Data Location: UCL

Publication Date: 30/07/2013

A slideshare linked to Hilary Orange's academia page.

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hosty it appears to come across as html source code and makes it hard to read.

under polluter pays and archaeology is pollution and therefore what we produce is pollution, which nobody wants to pay anything for, unless money comes from somewhere why should the public be engaged in commercial archaeology?-no challenge necessary. What business is it of somebody from ucl. Maybe we should be taking the mickle out of some pathetic post doc subject. From what I can ascertain this person got into archaeology by doing one of those MAs after some undergraduate

PhD funded through employment (British Museum and UCL)MA, Public Archaeology, UCL, 2006
Cert Ed (QTS), University of Plymouth, 2003
BA, Fine Art (Printmaking), Loughborough College of Art, 1989

what does that tool think of this persons digging skills?
Reason: your past is my past
Damn! Unit you're not pulling any punches today. That is quite a personal attack for someone you don't know or do you and that's why your flaming them? (edited from Damn unit to Damn! unit. in case my meaning got lost in a misplaced '!' :face-approveSmile
To be honest - given the apparent lack of training for archaeologists regarding public engagement, I 'd rather a non-archaeologist be the one to actually look at what we as a profession are doing. Wouldnt it be more like the blind leading the blind if it was a 'Unit-approved' bona-fide archaeologist doing the research who, for all their competence at Archaeology, might know diddly-squat about public engagement?
Often an outsider sees what is bleeding obvious except to those doing it...........though not saying whoever is doing whatever is hidden in the coding is an outsider.

I've found public engagement taxing and rewarding. In my experience almost everybody is interested in archaeology to varying degrees. Remember archaeologists are also members of the public!

Unit, maybe you'd be surprised at who and how many of the public are fascinated about their past and how much they actually already know about's not us and them.

Not even us, them and them over there (splitters).

The endpoint of all commercial archaeological findings, according to current guidelines, is after all the public. Be it packed in a box or buried in a grey literature report buried under some museum, or the rare few that make it to a journal....and/or increasingly as a link on a web page.
Sorry Doug. I meant not to attack the person but the topic by an analysis of the qualifications of the person who was appointed the task as that was the only information that came to hand as I couldn't get any of hostys links to work. Still trying to work out where the money came from (and how much) and how they came up with the subject.

as for antipasto and Jack. Yes it does appear that my list of the persons credits was enough for them to see this person as an outsider. I have to say though that if this outsider is the best way business really works -which I don't- why even bother with a nine month MA with the word archaeology in it.

I am now a sissy having tried to read this and failed on the grounds that public archaeology does not realy exist if you are a commercial archaeologist. I mean if I got a contract from English heritage I would consider that public archaeology as it would be eh representing their so called public and their money paying me to do some archaeology. This not what I get from this not for sissy article or from having a quick look at these contrived MA courses in Public archaeology. Surprised that they are not called something like museum studies.

Quote:So, the public archaeologist walks the line between celebrating the past and encouraging its protection, revealing some unpleasant truths about what being a human being is like, and supporting the ethical and fair treatment of people and cultures everywhere.
please tell me that there is no plot.
Reason: your past is my past
Sorry to be late to the table... I was out doing GASP commercial work and integrating public involvement.

First... it was a nasty little comment
Quote:(Maybe we should be taking the mickle out of some pathetic post doc subject.)
Seeing as I backed the person, and helped in part to disseminate the survey... then I guess I could also take that as a personal slight as well. are you saying that I too am pathetic? and what exactly is wrong with the approach? Seemed like a reat piece of work... bout time too.

I love doing real public archaeology and am glad in part that you don't... as you attitude is not suited for public consuption. neither inspiring, excited nor passionate. other than your pet peeves which surface like sores at any opportunity.

There is no plot... only you./.

:face-topic: please.
it was a suggestion your the one bringing nasty littleness. I didn't realise that you backed the person. You have posted similar threads which you then obviously did not back. give up on the pathetic. Thanks for sorting out the source code and allowing us to get at the survey. I don't believe that most surveyed work in private sector or is that because they didn't have it spelt out that oxford, molas, Wessex, are not private sector. As for the rest the only thing that made any sense is that they would do it if there was more money to do it which kinda begs the question how much were they paid top do any of this so called PE.

Quote:I love doing real public archaeology
care to show us the invoice?
Reason: your past is my past
UoI: think its bad manners more than anything else to attack the messenger when you disagree with the message.....shame on you for that!!

My tuppence worth: engaging the wider public is an archaeological idea whose time has come. It may be the saving of our subject as a social phenomena, in particular as commercial archaeology moves closer and closer to becoming the dirt driven end of quantity surveying loss adjustment (for the record, an outcome I predicted at an IfA AGM as long ago as 1988.....)
With peace and consolation hath dismist, And calm of mind all passion spent...
My uneducated view: There is a huge public interest, and rightly so, in our shared past - I've seen that first hand in community/volunteer projects I've been involved in, and free online courses that are becoming more prevalent. There is little political will to actively support 'the heritage industry' (for want of a better term) because it doesn't fit with the mantra of profit before everything else. Engaging the public in commercial archaeology, even if it's to a small extent, is not only a good thing in it's own right but will help keep up political pressure to safeguard what we do and love. Let's face it - how many archaeologists and how much archaeology would suffer if planning laws were relaxed 'to boost the economy'?

Oh, and to have a go at someone with obvious skill in research - you don't get a PhD by just digging holes - for doing some research seems a little odd.

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