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West of Scotland Archaeology lose Inverclyde Council
Inverclyde Council is about to withdraw from a service-level agreement providing funds to the West of Scotland Archaeology Service.

IfA has written to the Leader of Inverclyde Council urging the Council to reconsider this decision and pointing out the risks to the historic environment if archaeological services are no longer in place to enable the Council to discharge its obligations.

Click here to read IfA’s letter to the Leader of Inverclyde Council
Quote: IfA is the professional body for archaeologists and related professions concerned with the study and care of the historic environment. It promotes best practice in archaeology and provides a self-regulatory quality assurance framework for the sector and those it serves. IfA has over 3,000 members and more than 70 registered practices across the United Kingdom and abroad. Its members work in all branches of the discipline: heritage management, planning advice, excavation, finds and environmental study, buildings recording, underwater and aerial archaeology, museums, conservation, survey, research and development, teaching and liaison with the community, industry and the commercial and financial sectors.
and without service level agrements THE executive of the IFA believes that their world inplodes. Why?

Well done Inverclyde Council. All I suggest that you do is put on the form that you supply to anybody seeking planning permission: put a little tick box section asking the developer to CONSIDER THE ARCHAEOLOGY. Then ask your case officers to see if it has been ticked......

I would be quite interested by what currum the executive of the ifa writes letter like this...was there some egm where the mebers said we better write a leietter about level service agrements
Quote: However, ending the provision of expert archaeological advice and services is not an acceptable way of addressing these difficulties and would expose the Council to serious risks by placing it in a position where it would be unable to comply with the requirements of Scottish Planning Policy and PAN 02/2011.
I am surprise that the ifa does not mention which code has been broken by this accusation, surely not their latest standard for advice by people who are not archaeologists

Peter Hinton BA MIfA FSA FRSA FIAM Chief Executive, Institute for Archaeologists. has anybody dug with this person?

sherily this letter is not from the ifa but from some free loader.

Just out of interest- does this assilum have a chairperson what do they do?

all that is missing is some reference to staute law............dont hold your breath
Reason: your past is my past
It is odd that it should be left to the IfA to point out the potential impact of this move - you would have hoped that the Scottish government or Historic Scotland might have done so, or ALGAO, or CSA.

For once I will almost agree with Unit that the IfA shouldn't be intervening in changes to the structures of heritage management when its focus should be on the standards of practice within whatever structures exist.

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