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TUC March for the Alternative -Jobs, Growth Justice. London March 26th
Am unfortunately out of the country at the time but will be with you in spirit xxx
I've just been told my message was too short to post. So I thought I'd mention it. To make it longer.

I'll be there Kevin. We should definitely meet up during or after.
I imagine our branch of Prospect will have a group going, and I (with disgruntled kids in tow) will probably be going from Camberwell Green with this lot: joining the archaeologists somewhere...I will post where we are meeting when I know where it is- although not sure if Kevin would want to march behind a Museum of London banner?!
For those of you not aquainted with the world of London protest......message me offline for a guide on how to avoid "kettling" and for ways of breaking kettle lines. Also- I suggest that you take someone along with you from the media and-contact independent observers (Liberty etc) who will provide good advice.}Smile
also for the 26th
take a walk around and if your phone is up to it use it
and report while you're out and about
it's only as good as its users
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Will Bring US Victory
Details from Prospect HQ, any Archaeology Branch members can join their main group:


The march will assemble on the Embankment, with the start point near Hungerford Bridge, near Embankment tube station. The assembly area has been split into 14 distinct zones stretching east along the Embankment. These zones will be clearly designated, numbered 1 to 14. Prospect has been allocated Zone 10 of the assembly area. This zone is located to the east of Waterloo Bridge near Temple tube station. A map of the area can be found on the TUC website at

Given the numbers that are now expected, it has been decided that Prospect members should make their own way to this assembly point at Zone 10 rather than meet up first at New Prospect House.

The TUC advise that people assemble from 11.00am onwards with the march due to begin at noon. Prospect staff will ensure that our union banner and other materials will be at this assembly point from 10.00am. You should bear in mind that central London will be very busy that day, that there are major road closures from 10.00am and that the public transport system, especially the tube network, will also be busy. Members should therefore aim to be at the assembly point in good time so as to allow for easy access. As our section of the march will take some time to move away after the official start, you may wish to consider bringing food and drink. If for whatever reason you miss the start you can of course join the march at points along the route which can be found on the TUC website above.
[B]March and rally[/B]

Once under way the march will proceed to the rally in Hyde Park which is due to begin at 1.30pm. Speakers are planned throughout the afternoon. It is not expected that everyone will stay for the full duration of the rally, indeed to accommodate the numbers envisaged, it is hoped that there will be a throughput of people attending for a short period only so as to allow the rest of the march to access the park.
....Thanks for that Sadie. I was going to suggest the Anchor on Bankside (next to the Cannon Street rail bridge) for an after-march drink if anyone is interested. There is an outside sating area and that may make it easier if anyone is accompanied by kids, dogs, shopping trolleys full of all their worldly good etc...

PS Most of the online London tourist guide maps show the Anchor in the wrong location. But the link above is OK...
With peace and consolation hath dismist, And calm of mind all passion spent...
I'm trundling down with the family - look for a small blonde in a pink buggy with a big sign saying "Don't kettle me" - that's not me its my 3 year old daughter but I'll likely be pushing it.
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less likely to be kettled here perhaps?

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