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Full Version: TUC March for the Alternative -Jobs, Growth Justice. London March 26th
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I was just wondering if other BAJRites might be attending the TUC Day of Action in London on March 26th and whether anyone had given thought to

1) Either meeting up for the march itself (Archaeologists against ------- (fill this space)) or

2) for a drink and gossip afterwards

I'd be happy to sort out a possible venue for the drink (probably close to Embankment) if anyone is interested
Hey Kevin... already committed to going. Think we may have spoken on a certain weegies FB wall? I am a member of unison.
i am going - and trying to take more with me.

check out : Black&Green Cross for medical, legal and catering support
also: FITwatch.
and: V for victory, we are the resistance
pay heed to conference discussions : could be a very long day - prepare accordingly.

it would be good for any archaeologists/BAJRites to group together - encourage colleagues, organise shared transport, make banners/placards, post up flyers and links. (Archaeologists Against Destruction Of The Future)

(consider those steelies and hard hats - represent your profession + protect your person)

DO NO VIOLENCE, but stand your ground. ("Peaceful, Peaceful" + "Our Streets")

Will we accept these lies and greed driven scams? or will we show countries around the world that the citizens of First Parliamentary Democracy will also stand up against the insidious manipulation of the Many by the Few?
We will accept these cuts that serve only to bolster the pockets of wealthy and damage the social fabric? - not I.

Put on your Iron Shirt,
Chase the Devil from the Earth
(but don't forget your sandwiches)
I'll be getting the bus laid on by our Unison branch so will probably not be hanging about afterwards. Glad to hear you'll be attending though.
I'll be there and hopefully a few more from round this neck of the woods will join us. :face-approve:
I'll be there, as will some of my colleagues to march with Prospect, and definitely up for a drink afterwards, unless we're kettled somewhere. I've already provisionally arranged to meet up with Thalinor, if that's who I think it is!
It probably is Weegie. Smile A certain castle dig???

BTW have designed a banner... IS there somewhere where I can post?
I'm going, but will be using the transport provided by the local Unite branch so won't be staying for drinks.
I'm coming down with family - my better half works in teacher ed. in the FE sector so suffering from a potential outbreak of Gove and the kids deserve a better future than the one promised! Watch out for a blonde 3 year old in a pink buggy with a "Don't Kettle Me Mr Cameron!" placard attached! That'll be with me.

Chances of actually making contact with anyone in the crowd????
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