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World War One and Two Archaeology
Hi everyone,
I hope you are all okay. Can anyone reccommend any books about the world wars archaeology related. Also does anyone know of any digs for volenteers in this field?
In the absence of any other replies, I'll get the ball rolling. For British WWII sites, a good place to start is the Defence of Britain project; you can go to its website at

A synthesis of this work has recently been published by William Foot (2006), called Beaches, Fields, Streets & Hills: the Anti-invasion Landscapes of England, 1940 (CBA Research Report 144).

Beyond this, you could always try googling, which will lead you to features on WW1 trench excavations, etc.

Good luck,

thanks! was getting worried

Another day another WSI?
Have been slack in replying as I can't remember the project! There is a mob in Britain that heads off to excavate trenches in France. I think the project title is something along the the lines of 'Bringing them back home'. Can't find any info on the net but maybe this rings some bells for someone out there?

Defence of Britain Project

lots of stuff

books etc

Another day another WSI?

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