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Planning as proportion of developer funding
you are awful amiable!

Constant development is the law of life, and a man who always tries to maintain his dogmas in order to appear consistent drives himself into a false position.
Mohandas Gandhi
I would say that developers create archaeology where as eh stop you doing any.
I believe that that is, in truth, the job of EH and the county archaeologists... Presumption towards preservation anyone?
you obviously dont earn a living in archaeology
English Heritage's Historic Environment Enabling Programme budget in 2007 was ?6.5 million, which is probably comparable to the project values from a single major infrastructure project.
I dont think that they should have any enabling budget, give it to the museums if anywhere.
Plus in house stuff by the research and standards department

However, this is not entirely relevant to the topic, mea culpa. I suspect that getting an accurate answer to your question would require quite a lot of research, and I suspect that quite a lot of the figures are covered by commercial confidentiality agreements. Would I be correct that jobs outside PPG16 would usually go through a consultancy? So comparing turnover of consultancies might give you some kind of idea, though the data would be clouded by them also doing PPG16 work.
How about numbers of landowners affected?
Mark, is there really any point in you being here? Surely this 'input' could be duplicated by a simple computer programme. It would only have to rearrange the words pension, landowner, charity and vat into an incoherent sentence.
I think those nasty governmental, EH and/or curator types must have rattled mr units (sorry, we are calling him Mark now) cage once more, so he has to let off steam here.

Or maybe he is just being obtuse and bloody minded (as per usual)


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