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Funding Changes in Archaeology
Just been asked by BBC Four who are about to make series on the history of archaeology and they wondered if you knew of any recent reports on funding in archaeology?

How it has changed through history and geographically?

ie :

They want to know about recent reporting into how this has changed over time. from the great sell the antiquities days of teh early 20th century, through developer and HLF funding.
I am imagining someone reasonably attractive staring moodily out to sea/at a mountain/pointing while the voice over explains PPG16. Then cut to some beardy re-enactors hacking each other with swords while voice over man discusses the HLF etc. There's got to be some templar conspiracy as well.

Sorry, I haven't got anything constructive.
Oxbeast Wrote:I am imagining some beardy archaeologists hacking each other with mattocks while the voice over explains PPG16.

Fixed that scene for you!

D. Vader
Senior Consultant

Vader Maull & Palpatine
Archaeological Consultants

A tremor in the Force. The last time I felt it was in the presence of Tony Robinson.
Speculators hoping to find the missing Templar treasure?
im wondering bout how to fix and for whom at what apparent scale

but to be honest its like asking pinochio questions

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