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Refuse planning permission for houses on Wincobank Hill
Refuse planning permission for houses on Wincobank Hill

The land is designated open space with Greenbelt status. It within 200m of the Wincobank hillfort which is a scheduled monument. The building works will take place on the line of the Roman Ridge. To build on this site is to strangle access to the hill and will prevent current and future generations opportunities to gain meaningful perspectives on Sheffield's earliest settlement. It is a unique aspect of Sheffield's heritage which has remained underexploited because of entrenched attitudes to the area and the presumed role of heritage within the community. Whilst most regions have understood the importance of cherishing whatever heritage resources they have Sheffield City Council are in danger of making a decision here which will be an embarrassment and a missed opportunity to better develop the potential of this site not just for a land speculator but for the good of all Sheffield communities.

Sign up on this petition:
I for one would require much more info / background before signing a vague petition like this. Perhaps a link to the relevant planning appllication? There are always 2 sides (or more) in these situations. I detect a whiff of nimbyism.
did find this:
try here: and search for 11/03972/FUL
so have you convinced yourself then vulpes? and if so which way you going? what we need is an evaluation....
Reason: your past is my past
If you take a look Unit I think you'll find that the eval is already completed. Looks like a local case for local people. Not sure my paw print is required! Wink
jusy says the Documents unavailable does that mean they dont exist? and say that they all support the application.....
Reason: your past is my past
Probably been rubber stamped by now xx(
Well it looks like public opinion and heritage have a rare victory.
The development has been turned down...

This however means that the easy ride has been blocked. the developer is not just going to shrug and move on.

Good cop bad cop time....or should we say conflicting archaeological opinion and evidence produced to support / deny importance and significance. Lets not forget Visual Significance...

There will be other implications

But well done so far.
Call me cynical Big Grin But that probably just means that the councillors were unwilling to lose votes by going with policy, and would rather let a big bad Planning Inspector decide for them :face-approve:

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