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Troll applies to join the IFA
Greetings to all.Barnsey- just acceptd a place to study for a Masters so student I may just be!GitBig Grin
I would argue that debate is open to all, not just corporate members.As a Chelsea supporter would`nt dream of wearing a Milwall shirt to work
(bad analogy I know-I detest football), I`m not willing to wear the IFA stamp until it actually means something.My point overall is that it has been said time and time again here that the IFA can only do what it claims on its own tin with the support of the majority.By encouraging professionals to join the IFA at Affiliate level, surely we would see an industry where everyone is subject to standards and guidelines.Its already been said elsewhere that it is now for the IFA to encourage membership applications.Newly signed-up Affiliates can decide for themselves whether the Institute is doing enough to warrant an upgrade in membership levels.An affiliate majority even when denied a vote, will be a loud body of professionals-particularly when it could lobby grown-up Members.Invisible-thankyou for your comments but, I`m quite happy with my understanding of the way things are-thankyou.

..knowledge without action is insanity and action without knowledge is vanity..(imam ghazali,ayyuhal-walad)
You are missing the point.

As previously stated, I do not believe that the Affiliate grade is intended for professonal archaeologists.

True, debate is open to everyone, and Affiliates are subject to the Standards. But influence is open to those with a vote.

I don't want you to join as a corporate member in order to co-opt you; I don't imagine that corporate status would change your views, why should they? So, we would disagree just as much as we do now. The point is that all viewpoints need to be influentially represented. If you were an active, involved member, your joining as a corporate member would contribute more to achieving your aims than joining as an affiliate. Can't see the point in that.


to let, fully furnished
Firstly, sorry to join the debate late! Secondly, Troll mate, never thought i'd see the day, hell has officially frozen over!

Anyways, its being said that Affiliate grade is not intended for professonal archaeologists but how can the average archaeologist on the ground spare enough money to join at a higher grade to get access to this vote?
Why should we be forced to pay out more of our hard-earned (and in short-supply Wink!) cash in the vague hope that someone will listen, when they've had people like Troll screaming at them for years?!

The old phrase money talks is evidently true.... :face-confused:
We have had the discussion about subscription fees before. IFA subs are pretty cheap by the standards of other professional institutions, and they are graded on an income-related scale.

You are not forced to join at any grade - it is purely optional. But, if you aren't willing to join at a corporate grade and pay the sub, then don't complain if you don't have a vote.


to let, fully furnished
Sorry I'll check next time, excuse the newbie....
I'll forget about supporting myself and girlfriend, paying rent and saving for postgrad and join the IFA instead, what was I thinking....
Seeing as hells frozen over I may have to actually join after I said thats what it wud take eh Troll! Wink
Affiliate subscription fee: £35.00 £33.00 (by Direct Debit)

Student subscription fee: £16.50 (by cheque) £15.00 (by Direct Debit)

All corporate members (MIFA, AIFA, PIFA), according to annual income:

Payment by cheque/postal order Payment by Direct Debit
*£5,000 - £10,000 £38.00 £35.00
£10,000 - £13,000 £63.00 £58.00
£13,000 - £16,000 £95.00 £86.00
£16,000 - £20,000 £130.00 £118.00
£20,000 - £28,000 £169.00 £153.00
More than £28,000 £202.00 £183.00

*members earning less than £5,000 can claim a 50% rebate on their subscription fees by sending proof of earnings to the IFA office along with this remittance advice.

Another day another WSI?
Quote:quote:I'll forget about supporting myself and girlfriend, paying rent and saving for postgrad and join the IFA instead, what was I thinking

I note that the lowest corporate-member subscription is £2 (count them) more than the Affiliate subscription, if you pay by direct debit (£3 if you don't!).

It is more expensive if you earn more - but then, if you earn more, you can afford more.

Can't see how these subscription levels are going to seriously affect your ability to support yourself, girlfriend, rent etc.


to let, fully furnished
my only tweak of the subs (apart from into my account !) is the 13,000 should be up at 13854 and the 16,00 should be up at 16137... ya see wher I am going.... linked to pay grades! not just nice round figures...

Another day another WSI?
How quick is that.... this message just in from the IFAs own
Alex Llewellyn;

"...saw your message about the IFA subs rates, which made me realise that the details on our website must be slightly incorrect. We've amended the brackets for £10,000 - £13,000 and £13,000 to £16,000 to become £10,000 - £13,500 and £13,500 - £16,000 respectively, which will ensure that anyone earning below the recommended PIFA rate last year will fall into the lower bracket (and lower fee). This will alter again next year to take into account the increase in the PIFA minimum for the current year."

Another day another WSI?
Have finally been paid and have been lucky enough to soak up some down time.After plenty of thought-I`m still going to apply for affiliate membership.My main gripe is over extremely poor standards and the application of such.If we were to join the IFA en masse-everyone then is subject to IFA disciplinary procedures and arguably, contraventions would be reported more often.There have been plenty of occasions in the past where over zealous supervisory staff have insisted that site assistants do something intrinsically stupid.Stand up rows over simple best practise get nowhere in a work environment fuelled by time and budgetry constraints.Asking a site assistant(IFA member of any grade) to carry out a task that would clearly breach an IFA standard or guideline would be something else altogether.What I am suggesting is a workforce that signs-up to and adheres to the codes of practise and guidelines of the IFA...a workforce that gets into the habit of using those guidelines/codes in the work place.Level of membership I feel is largely irrelevent-surely the consensus is the most desirable first step.Big Grin

..knowledge without action is insanity and action without knowledge is vanity..(imam ghazali,ayyuhal-walad)

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