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Would you join a Local Society
If you were a contract archaeologist permanently working in one specific county, would you be more inclined to become involved with local archaeological socieities?

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Depends what you mean by becoming more involved with.

A lot of people only join societies for the journal - they want to keep up with local developments in archaeological research etc, but are not necessarily interested in the social scene.

Aloso, there are two local societies that are relevant to people - the county where you work (professional interest) and the county you come from (a deeper personal interest, I would hazard). Of course, some people are lucky enough for both to be the same, but not many I bet.
There's actually quite a lot of diddy little district ones in my home county, a great many of which tend to be historical in name with an occasion foray into archaeology, depending on the whims and interests of the current committee. Been to the occasional evening talk of my local one (well, two in three years) but never really been moved to become a full member though.
My local society was very grateful for all professional involvement it could get. I've run two workshops for them on small finds illustration, ('cos it's what I do) but I must admit I rarely go to meetings and only go digging with them occassionally because the standard of recording can drive me to tears. Maybe I should go more often....

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