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Any thoughts on the potential damage to archaeology/heritage assets by the flooding?
Am about to be expected to stick yet more trial trenches into a site that's already been turned into Swiss cheese by at least 5 different excavators (including myself) over the last 40-odd years, all in the name of 'evaluation' - it'll be a sweet relief when I can actually area-excavate what's left at some point this year and put it out of its misery.... Coincidentally, did a site a few years back straight over the road where a.n.other unit had put in a load of over-machined trial trenches and trashed most of the important intersections (while of course learning nothing new and managing to miss all the archaeology not shown by the geofizz which then came as a nasty surprise to the client...) - never did manage to phase parts of it as a result. Loads of other examples... Sad

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