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Sensible Archaeology?
Dinosaur Wrote:Take for example recent motorway scheme - reports of one sort or another already run into 3 figures, evaluation reports (by at least 6 different organisations) run into 1000 plus pages, not including geophys, specialists etc (ok, so I chipped in my 400 plus pages in 5 reports, very full box-file), around a dozen background info for specialists type reports, summaries for each site, px assessments, progress reports for the client and consultants, all the specialist asessments, px assessment reports for each site, PDs for each stage, analysis reports, etc etc, till finally at the end of the day you get 1 monograph which knowing how these things go will be limited by financial constraints to a rather slim volume with a CD in the back and some nice piccies just on the off-chance that some brave member of species Joe Public ever gets brave enough to pick up a copy - oh, and maybe a 4 page leaflet as a sop to the 'public inerest' lobby.....20000 pages of s**t for 4 pages of mostly company logos? I think 1% is perhaps being generous!

but you know as well as i do that it these things are published for archaeologists not a general readership: the Tractatus was not published to be serialised in the Daily Hate; these are technical documents; shame that more field archaeologists don't read all the specialist reports in their technical docs - as said previously i believe...

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Sensible Archaeology? - by Stuart Rathbone - 7th October 2010, 12:12 PM

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