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Archaeology Should Resist Newswire Relevance
It occurs to me that the differences we are talking about here are based upon what is the study focus and what is an acceptable dataset array?

To be honest, we could travel back to the late 80's and early 90's, to find a similar identity debate.

It is relevant, in the sense that we return to the validity of applications of sampling.

At that stage you can enable the facility of the story, but I would suggest that the story is MORE THAN A linear incident.

If we can't nail this precept down, then any political initiative (disability in heritage/feminist heritage) is a single travel ticket.

Strategic or Volume?

Now we are faced with the dilema of institutions, without employment statistics holding it in check.

(Is this NOW an acceptable linear incident?)
There are however, two flies in the ointment.

1). Who do the fieldworkers call if they find something that may be of interest (i.e. How do they know something is important?)?
Which is a drag on the concept of linear incidents.

2). What/How much of a Kind of work will be undertaken into the furture?
Looking at how money is being distributed for training purposes highlights a numerical skills gap, but this does not address the notion of significant statistical populations.

Statistical populations in terms of material culture evidence demands a presence within the field to supply Spot Dating support, but organisational restructuring potnetial for these demands would indicate that a masters level of training is insufficient to support promotional presence.

Now, if you were to wish to cover all bases at the same time with an equalisation of jack of all trade qualifyer for promotion, it requires determination to do so, whilst when you are initially promoted this attitude must then be dropped for the 'Over-controlling' of archaeological discourse.

This is a natural by-product of the sheer volume of work which is then moved your way, but it is important to remember that in order to retain professional objectives, that skills become an interest rather than the facilitator.

However, if research questions drive investigative funding and commercial interest then this would place the previous statements on their head.

So here we find the strategic deployment of resources and the volumes required to support a sector level professionalism concerning the 'Story'.

From there:
It's a matter of how many elements you can retain in the purgatory hiatus, and feel productive

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