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Investors in People
Apology accepted, have a good Christmas yourself!

1man1 desk, thanks for the clarification on the status of IFA membership in the compilation of tender lists. I fthis is the case, surely this is the way to increase membership and ultimately improve and enforce standards, by requiring RAO status, if not membership of staff employed on the project, as a condition of contract?

Having prepared, invited and appraised numerous construction tenders of al sizes in my previous life I fully understand the process. I stand by my opinion that QA is not a reliable indicator however - firms can and do have their own perfectly acceptable and efficient procedures in place without QA, and vice versa.

We owe the dead nothing but the truth.
Yes, quite right IIP has been proven in industry to simply pay lip service to the rules.
It doesnt mean that the company is any better to work for, just that on the day that they got approval they looked like they were doing things right!

Not sure that is fair.

A firm that qualifies for IIP has to demonstrate that it has procedures/programmes in place to look after their staff and promote their continuing development, and that they genuinely implement those measures.

It doesn't necessarily mean that they are better than a non-IIP employer, because non-certified employers can just as easily treat their staff well. However, it does mean that they are necessarily better than employers that couldn't qualify for IIP if they were to apply - which is probably the majority of employers in the UK.

All the same, IIP is usually applied for by large organisations, and there may be small sub-units within the organisation where staff are not treated as well as in the parent body, but they still get to use the IIP logo. I suspect that some archaeological units may fall into this category.


to let, fully furnished
When I was working in industry we went through a huge operation to get bs5750, the manual that our manager wrote was unwieldy, this meant that we had loads of things to do to comply with our operation
statement. Other dealerships wrote a much smaller more sensible manual, this meant that they could more easily comply with their statement.I suspect that this is also true of IIP!

Vulpes-please, please come back next year just the same as you were last year-we luuuuurve you!Big Grin
Yeah Vulpes, we need common sense people here!


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