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Planning for People - National Trust Support
For decades England's planning system has protected much loved places from harmful development -- and steered development to the places where it's needed.

If you care about preserving the places important to you, make your voice heard before October 12, 2011.

Watch the video and sign if you feel it is important.

By protecting the planning system then you can strengthen the case for archaeology.


?Planning is for people, not for profit,? says Director-General, Dame Fiona Reynolds

The National Trust today signalled our grave concerns over the Government?s planning reforms, warning that the proposed changes could lead to unchecked and damaging development in the undesignated countryside on a scale not seen since the 1930s.

The draft of the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF), published by the Government yesterday, contains a core presumption that the default answer to any proposed development will be ?yes?.

The Government?s proposals allow financial considerations to dominate, and with this comes huge risk to our countryside, historic environment and the precious local places that people value.'

We believe the tone and language of the NPPF and consultation document is wrong on several counts:
  • the reversal of development controls in the public interest comes at too high a price. The NPPF?s concept of sustainable development puts too little weight on benefiting people and the environment
  • the removal of much detailed guidance to local authorities leaves too much power in the hands of developers who will only need to show that their proposals will deliver growth for other important considerations ? for example impact on communities, nature and landscape, and the environment ? to be pushed aside.
  • local people will have to rely on a development plan to protect what they treasure and shape where development should go. Yet only some local authorities have development plans in place and many local authorities and neighbourhood groups do not have the resources and specialist skills to create plans that genuinely integrate social, environmental and economic considerations. If there is no up to date development plan, planning applications will automatically get consent.
Fiona Reynolds concluded:
'The National Trust shares the Government?s commitment to localism but it has got the changes to planning wrong. We urge a rethink of the NPPF before we throw the baby out with the bathwater.'
Very good sentiment, and the NT has clout.................

But can we really trust the national trust?
oh I see what you did there, clever.. Big Grin
Just had a radical thought- Demo's against the changes across the country, on the same day, with all the interested parties voicing their opposition!
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[B]Support the campaign:[/B]

To continue campaigning we need to increase our income.

If you can, please help by donating to Coalition of Reistance.

1) Make a one off donation. Click here

2) Set up a regular monthly payment. Click here to download form.

Please return to Coalition of Resistance, Housmans Bookshop, 5 Caledonian Road, London N1 9DX

A fantastic weekend of resistance

This weekend saw a massive show of strength from the anti-cuts movement and a step forward in the fight against austerity with three major events.

On Saturday well over 600 delegates met in London at the Europe Against Austerity conference. The conference brought together representatives from many resistance and progressive movements from across Europe including the Greek teachers’ union, European Left Party, Sinn Fein, Die LInke, Nouveau Parti Anticapitaliste and European Attac network.

The conference endorsed a joint declaration agreeing continued coordination across Europe and a joint day of action in 2012.
To see the full statement click here. Videos of the main sessions and a detailed report will be available on our website soon.

A very special thanks to all the volunteers and interpreters who helped on the day and in the run up to the conference.

On the same day in Glasgow, 15,000 people demonstrated against cuts at a demonstration called by the Scottish TUC. Tony Benn, Coalition of Resistance President, was the headline speaker at the rally.

On Sunday while the Conservative Party planned to continue its agenda of privatisation and drastic cuts to public services at its annual conference in Manchester, 35,000 people attended a demonstration outside called by the TUC.

This weekend marks an excellent springboard for building the action taking place on 30 November when Britain's three biggest unions have announced strike ballots over government attacks on pensions.

The pensions dispute is important for the whole anti-cuts movement, not just public sector trade unionists. It is our movement's best chance to strike a blow against this government's austerity drive.

There will be demonstrations across the country and we want students, unemployed, non-unionised workers, pensioners and every section of society to unite in the biggest show of strength possible.
that's a different campaign :face-topic:
On the strength of all this, am not entirely clear why I got slagged a while ago on another thread for suggesting getting behind the NT campaign? Sigh..... Sad
it's called a bandwagon Dino... I wouldn't concern yourself.
Jump aboard... and damned be them that slagged you off. Wink

I will say... lets keep this on topic as vulpes so rightly says
As a lobbying group against the Governments plans, archaeologists can be virtually ignored as to small an interest group to matter. It is only when large numbers of disparate groups start working together that a louder voice is created. I think I've suggested this recently but was mostly ignored in saying it; and I think it is mainly because archaeologist tend to stay within our own trench without looking at the bigger picture and realizing that we have many potential allies to work with!!

Any good military commander knows that when faced with strong opposition, you do not send your troops in piece-meal! it is an in-effectual defense, doomed to failure!!! xx(

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