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Investors in People
Congratulations, nice to have some positive news before Christmas!Big Grin

PS like the site
My own employers (a large, multi-disciplinary consultancy) are also an IIP, and I have always found them to be a much better employer than any of the purely archaeological organisations I previously worked for.

I know that some of the County-based units have IIP on their letterhead, but I think that relates to the County Council as a whole rather than to the way they treat their archaeologists.


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Don't get me wrong but as far as I'm aware one of the first units to be recognised as an IIP Investors In PAPER (and still is) Archaeological Solutions. These paid for honorifics cut no ice with me, besides IFA RAOs have to automatically commit to a programe of Continuous Professional Development that is every bit as good as IIP, thats not to say that that is also equally meaningless of course. Just make sure you keep up the payments or they'll have it back. Sorry to sound so cynical, no I'm not at all - just kidding - Merry Christmas one and all. :face-stir:

Right wing, metal detectorist antiquarian (retired).
Thanks for your comments, vulpes.

I admit that I was (almost) as cynical as you at the beginning of the process. I too felt that it was simply a box-ticking exercise that would be of no use to us or to our staff. I thought everyone was happy and filling in a few forms wouldn't make the slightest bit of difference to anyone.

But the IIP assessment showed that this wasn't the case, and gave us a detailed report with information about where we were going wrong and what we needed work on. Both I and my staff were very happy to read this and learn from it. Yes some organisations will only pay lip service, but as far as we were concerned we took it seriously and changes were made in the way we did things as a result. The same will apply to the RAO scheme.

If you think this is bullsh*t then put your money where your mouth is - ring us up and talk to my staff about it, our contact details are easy to get hold of.

Thanks Rachel for the positive comments, much appreciated, and thanks to 1man as well. I know a lot of local authorities are IIPs but as you say this applies to the whole organisation. With the Ironbridge Gorge Museum the IIP assessors agreed to a 'building block' approach dealing with individual departments one at a time. As well as archaeology, our museum colleagues in the library and archives, the marketing department, HR and at Blists Hill Victorian Town have also been awarded IIP. Others await re-appraisal next year.
I'm cynical about IIP from bitter experience. It is bullsh*t in my opinion and its CPD element merely duplicates pretty much that in the RAO scheme. Speaking as an employee of a private company and an RAO we simply don't have the time or money to waste on something that duplicates something we already do. Ironbridge Archaeology as part of a museums trust has I suspect merely undertaken IIP because the trust as an entity has - in common with county units etc. I'm quite happy with the CPD at the company I work for as it comes up to the RAO standards which are pretty good and well thought out. If you want to phone us up on 01908 608989 and ask us how happy we are feel free. I'm sure your staff are very happy too what with their new IIP rosette on their letterhead but personally I'll stick with ASC with a weeks pay as bonus and christmas week off.

Right wing, metal detectorist antiquarian (retired).
Seriously are you telling me that you needed to undergo IIP assessment when you only appear to have 4 staff - sorry 5 including you? Couldn't you have just had a chat instead. Good luck with the RAO thing - a scheme it is possible be to be removed from gets my vote any day.

Right wing, metal detectorist antiquarian (retired).
Thank you.
At your service Mr Belford.Big Grin

Right wing, metal detectorist antiquarian (retired).
Being a good employer is all about treating your staff well and investing in their development because you as a company want to. Forward-looking companies will see this as being in their own interests as well as those of their employees. This is certainly the attitude taken by my employers long before they achieved IIP.

IIP is an official recognition of the above - but you are unlikely to achieve it as an organisation if you don't have a good attitude to our employees built into your corporate culture.

The reason why most companies do go for IIP certification, however, is nothing to do with treating their employees well; they can do that without a certificate, after all. The reason they do it is because IIP is required by some major clients as a prequalification criterion for tender lists, and has other material/business benefits to the company.


to let, fully furnished

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